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San Francisco International Auto Show looking for your Model X

Once again the San Francisco Auto Show at the Moscone Center will have a Tesla display over the Thanksgiving weekend.
We will have two each of all the Tesla models produced so far. Roadsters, S, 3 and X. We need one more Model X to complete the display. We have the other models covered.

This means your Tesla Model X will be on display from Tuesday 11/26 to Monday 12/2 after 10 pm. So will be unavailable for the long weekend. We have a black Model X lined up. So looking for a contrasting color.

What you get are passes to the SF International Car Show Media event on Wednesday 11/27/19. You will also receive passes for the show over the weekend. This is a fun event for the family.

Please message me if you are interested and would like more info. This is a fun event to promote EVs at a fossil vehicle event. Recent popularity of EVs with Audi, Jaguar and other brands showing their new EVs will generate a lot of interest in our display! I hope you can participate.


@Blu Zap
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A little more info. You will park your X on the show floor yourself. Lock it up. It won't be touched for the duration of the show. It will be in a roped off area with show staff attendants. So safe and untouched. You will drive it out of the show on Monday. So your X won't be handled by anyone but you.
So no In and Out privileges, just free parking?
As you can imagine, they can't have cars coming and going from the car show floor. We would be one of the few privately owned displays. All the others are the manufacturers with their "show cars". If you have a second car and can spare your car for the weekend, this is a great deal. You will get passes to the private Media event on Wednesday night. This is when the local TV stations go around the show and other media highlight the event. Food and drink included. Then, you can have passes for the show over the weekend. This is the opportunity to bring family and friends to present your Model X as a part of the Show.
This goes a long way to promote EV adoption in what is a pretty fossil dominated show. Although last year we had Audi and Jaguar showing their EVs for the first time. We got a LOT of attention last year. We were across the aisle from the Ferrari Club display. Lots of traffic.
Message me for more into and details. Long drive from Indy. :)
Sounds like a nice thing that was organized @bluezap and glad to have Tesla represented there. Please post event photos for those of us that don't make it there.
Glad to get the photos posted from the show. It is fantastic when we can get all Tesla models in one place. Maybe have some Model Ys in the future! This is a great way to keep EVs in front of the Automotive world.
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