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Aug 1, 2015
About two weeks ago, I demonstrated the Santa Claus Easter Egg for my sister, in my 2015 70D. While we were using it, I tried to use the voice command to enter a navigation request, but it failed. After a couple of tries, i wondered if it was related to the Santa Claus display, and tried to shut off the display by saying "Ho Ho Ho," which is supposed to shut it off (or turn it on). No dice. I shut off the display using the Easter Egg menu, but the voice command still did not work. That is, the system acted as if it heard no voice. I do not recall for sure, but I think the voice resumed working after I shut off the car and came back later for a new trip.Voice worked fine after that and I sort of forgot about the issue.

Today, I encountered the same thing again, this time on a loaner car, a P85D. I was showing the Santa Claus display to my grandkids, and then tried to stop it with "Ho Ho Ho." Did not work. So I think that using the Santa Claus display definitely mucks up the voice command feature, even after you shut off the Santa Claus display. .

At the time I encountered this on my 70D, the car was on firmware version 2018.39.6 (version 9). The P85D is on 2018.46.2 (just installed today). I shut off the Santa display from the menu, and parked the car, but have not been back to see if voice command would work. Needless to say, without voice command i could not make a bug report.

So, this has happened on two different cars, with two different versions of firmware, but both cars are on version 9.

Be wary of Santa!!!
Just realized this is probably a duplicate to another thread, although the Santa Claus element is not necessarily central to the failures described there:
Voice commands suddenly not working

If the moderator wishes to combine the threads, I would not object.

Meanwhile, I am curious if anyone else has had the experience of I described of losing voice recognition after activating the Sanat Claus Easter Egg....