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Saw a silver / black semi in sunnyvale

Hahaha. Are you talking about on Elko down by the creek end on the right? :) One of our members posted something last year with a photo...thinking maybe it was a Model 3 there with testing equipment on it? don't remember exactly...any way I figured out the location by the building across the street so on a few occasions when in the area drove down to check out what's in front. :cool: Figure it's probably one of their research buildings or maybe parts building. Not everyone there drives a Tesla though but I have seen a few of them parked there in front. We're not in the area that often but probably have been spotted on their surveillance cameras a few times doing a slow drive by. ;) They have some Tesla chargers on the building wall so that also catches ones attention when making the turn around at the end of the street.

BTW if you do a google map zoom in you'll probably notice a number of glass roofed cars in the front and especially in the back parking area. Map's from 2018. In fact could that be the Black semi parked in the lot near Reamwood Ave? Think I might even see some Roadsters in the lot. Kind of hard to tell from high up and at a low res zoomed in.
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