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Scan My Tesla - Model S Plaid

I finally found an OBD diagnostics cable that is compatible with the Palladium (refreshed S / X) platform that will allow the Scan My Tesla App to run. You will need an Android phone, the iOS version of the app still needs development. I found the cheapest reliable Android phone on eBay.

I pulled data right away! I was interest in how the Battery Management System handles the different modes of the Plaid. Specifically, what is the BMS doing to warm or cool the battery (and drivetrain). I am using the Active "targeted" temperatures for the battery and powertrain. I.e. what is the happy temperature in each mode.

Ambient Temperature was 29 celcius
Normal Plaid Mode - 47 celcius Powertrain / 47 celcius battery
Supercharging Preconditioning - 50 celcius Powertrain / 50 celcius battery
Drag Strip Mode - 20 celcius Powertrain / 45 celcius battery
Track Mode - 20 celcius Powertrain / 5 celcius battery

I am looking forward with exploring the car a bit more.


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