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Scary acceleration, how to reduce?


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Mar 22, 2019
Northern california
I use NOA a lot, MadMax, very happy with it, keeps getting better.
I also use AS/TACC on surface roads/streets whenever the context
is right. I've gotten good at popping in and out of AS. It's great.

My issue is a rather brutal acceleration style I find nerve-wracking.
It's e.g. annoying in NOA entering cloverleafs where I'd normally slow
down, then accelerate half way through. My Nicki seems to like "hitting
it" soon upon entering the curve instead. Bad Nicki! On surface streets it
seems that increases in "posted" speed limits are instantly acted upon.
I've adjusted, but my wife's still discreetly clawing and sweating her seat.

So my question is whether anyone has found a way, other than riding
the max speed, to teach the beast a more graceful acceleration style.


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Aug 27, 2018
I don't think chill mode will do anything for that. Chill mode is for the driver, not the computer.
I've never had the car accelerate faster than Chill can go.
But I have had it take exits and rotaries etc. way too fast in chill mode, as far as I'm concerned it just doesn't support them.
I've pretty much given up on NoA for now.


Jun 7, 2019
Setting the follow distance to a larger number will make the accel/decel less jerky on the highway. If you have it set to follow really close it has to be jerky to maintain the gap.
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Mar 22, 2019
Northern california
Have you tried explaining your feelings to Nicki and asking her nicely?

Well, yes I have tried talking to Nicki. But Nicki is ambiguous about
gender, and I thought it would be the HE I should talk to. Didn't work.
No wonder. After that last Democratic debate I'm realizing it's indeed
HER I'd better share with, and very very humbly ;-)

As to CHILL, it makes sense that it could either be a
foot->computer->drive train moderator, or computer->drive train
limiter. No idea which is true, but if @mswlogo says that it doesn't help
at all, then it's probably the former. Sigh.

They'll probably have a "driving style" setting at some point, with
5 settings like LOL, Sunday Driver, LA, Luftwaffe and Banzai.
Currently it seems stuck in Luftwaffe style. I don't find it useless,
it even has a certain panache. It's my wife ... and that clawed seat.

It's quite an education, realizing how much we vary style from
moment to moment when handling it ourselves. One moment
we're on cats' paws, and the AS seems brutal, the next we're
thinking total Banzai and wondering why the AS is such a wuss.
Setting a huge follow distance has its own shortcomings, like
letting all the Banzai drivers squeeze in.

I guess I'll continue riding the speed rotary as needed. Thanks guys,
ehrr, people.
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Feb 28, 2019
I also really look forward to the day when there are different overall styles to AP. I've thought about this and it should be just a matter of time.

Instead of Bonsai, I might suggest k a m i k a z e


Jul 9, 2018
San Diego
Nope, I just adjust max speed.

The car is very bad at recognizing the input speed as a max rather than a target. It pretty much always treats it as a target except in curves.

If my max speed was 80 because I have been in the left lane and now I'm in my exit, just because the car in front of me leaves the lane doesnt mean I know want to accelerate to 80!!

Only way I know of to avoid it is reduce max/target speed


Jun 1, 2016
With a long distance it feels to me that it mimic the car in front of me too much, here it's full or morons that continue to brake/start ferocious for no apparent reason, usually i keep a long distance so i can slow down more gradually, with AP it like i'm a jerk myself, i really don't like it, a "ap style" would be beautifull, but it could just be less jerky when you have a long-distance settings, there really no need to be so ferocious for just a 3km/h difference


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Jun 17, 2019
Surrey, UK
I had been on the periphery of autonomous vehicle research and last I was aware there still appeared to be a lot of discussion on finding the right balance between passive and aggressive (sunday driver vs white van man) autonomous driving styles. I would have thought that this had been fairly high on list of user requirements, but from what I have read, seen and heard, looks like lots of room for improvement. Hopefully HW3 and FSD future promises will nail this. There certainly seems to be enough sensors and info on recent Tesla vehicles to allow a ride to be anything from chauffeur smooth to "don't spare the horses".


Jun 1, 2016
I don't think it has nothing to do about hw3 or fsd, it's just that it's easier to just pin one settings e do it well instead of multiple parameters with multiple problems, maybe in the future they will have time to have the style settings.. i can just hope, or the will nail a settings that's ok for everyone ( unlinkely but.. )


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Apr 27, 2018
There should be settings beyond chill/Normal. One lower, one in the middle, and one higher than normal for acceleration. That should cover the spectrum of people and their comfort zones.

Slow eh / Chill / Luke warm / Normal / My neck!.

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