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SCE NEM 1.0 grandfathering when adding more panels?

My original PV system dates back to 11/2015. I have been on NEM 1.0 and TOU-D-A since that time.

2/2020: added 2 Powerwalls, remained on NEM 1.0 + TOU-D-A
2/2021: added 15 more solar panels and 1 Powerwall; currently in PTO process

My question is, would I be able to keep NEM 1.0 once I receive PTO this time around? Or would I be forced onto NEM 2.0? I realize 2.0 is not that terrible, but just wanted to see if others in the community had experience or knowledge on this.

As a side note, I expect to lose TOU-D-A and be forced onto one of the newer TOU rate plans any day now.
I think you can get a 2nd meter and have both the old system on nem 1 and new on nem 2 but cost will be likely be more than just paying your 2-3c nbc especially if your 3 powerwalls allow you to have low grid usage