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Schedule charge then recharge

I apologize is this has been discussed but I did a search and could find anything exactly on this.
Tesla X 2020 and I charge at home set to 90% scheduled at 2:00am. If I don’t unplug and use the car for say a day or 2 I get phantom drain but it doesn’t recharge again the next day at 2am. If I don’t unplug the car is there a minimum miles or percentage before it recharges automatically again?

thanks in advanced.
I have seen my X drop a percent or two before charging again. But that was some months back or more. Software updates keep changing details of how the car works. That's a big reason why I say driving a Telsa is like driving a cell phone with wheels. You just never know what it will do next.
Curious about this as well, I have mine set to charge to 80% at 3:30am, use the car in the morning for drop offs and it drops down to around 76% by the time I come home. I plug in and it starts to charge automatically to 80%. I would have thought it would wait until 3:30 am to try and charge it again. I guess it figures its not much so charges anyways.
from my experience, it charges to the set limit at the scheduled time and stops once reached. it doesn't make another attempt to top off until the next day at the scheduled time.

for example:


9pm - plug in at 80%
10pm - starts charging (scheduled charging set at 10pm and 90% limit)


1am - 90% limit reached; charging stopped
left plugged in all day: phantom drain brings it to 86% by evening
10pm - starts charging
11pm - 90% limit reached; charging stopped

there's another option to have it ready for you in the morning if you have scheduled departure set. in that case it figures out when to charge so that it will reach the limit by that time. i haven't used this option though so I might be wrong.
I noticed with my X and the current loaner S P85+ I have now that it skips a few days charging if the phantom drain is not to much.
I have seen my X 2 days not charging and the S even 3 days. Then I used it again so I can't say yet how long it takes or how far the SOC has to drop before a recharge. 3% is not enough I found out.