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Seat back angle not saving?

Every time a profile is activated or recovered, my driver's seat reclines very far back (almost touching the rear seats). No matter what position it was saved in (all the way forward, normal, all the way back / touching), the seat always returns to the same very reclined position. All other profile saves (seat forward/back, steering wheel, mirrors, etc) seem to work normal.

I've done a reset, deleted all profiles and started over, tried disabling easy entry, cycled the seat back all the way forward and back ... all multiple times, and nothing works. Early 2018 LR RWD with 2019.32.12.2 (I've been on this version for 2-3 days before the issue started). Has anyone seen this? Any ideas?

Note: This is not the drifting issue, where the seat angle can drift a bit over time. I've seen that issue in the forums but not this. Hopefully not a duplicate thread.

Perhaps a bad sensor... Sounds like a job for the SC...

I think I might be leaning towards a hardware issue as well, even though I was under the impression that Tesla didn't use an angle sensor (all done via motor timing, which is a good explanation for why it could drift over time).

I have a SC appointment next week, but was hoping I might be able to resolve it by then (and not bother them). I'll update this with whatever I find out. Thanks
I just got the car back from the SC. They had expected to need to replace a vehicle controller (left side controller? Forgot the name but they had mentioned a left, middle, and right controller), but ended up fixing it via some re-calibration procedure.
I've had the same issue. I have a separate profile that affords more room for a back seat passenger (for when I have 3 or more passengers) and every time I select that profile the seat reclines all the way back. Almost squashed one of my friends who had already sat behind me! Gonna have it checked out. I'm also having issues with the occupancy sensor in the drivers seat. I usually don't get seat belt chimes anymore although it comes and goes.Wonder if the issue is related (i.e. same controller).