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Seat Height

Sorry if this has been posted before, but I searched and could not find anything. Does anyone have any information on the height of the driver's seat in the Model X? One of the main advantages of an SUV is greater visibility due to the seat height. In looking at the photos posted online, I'm worried that the seat is not that high (think BMW GT vs. X5).
I was able to take a test ride at the reveal. I rode in the front passengers' seat. Being 5'9" I was able to have a clear view of everything on the road -- similar experience I have in my Audi Q7. Obviously, in the short ride, it was not possible to "play" with the seat adjustments. Hope the passenger perspective gives you an answer of sorts.
Tesla appears to be slightly shorter but not by much:


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Today I sat in the driver's seat of a Model X. Two things I learned:

First, I rented a new Ram 1500 pickup two weeks ago while my Mercedes E500 was in the shop. The pickup had a much higher seating position than the MBz.

When I sat in the Model X driver's seat today, it felt higher in a substantially similar way to the pickup (but maybe a few inches less high than the pickup).

Second, I realized the big windshield allows me, a tall trunked person, to see the upper level of stop lights without having to crouch. This is a huge safety factor for me. Those stoplights would be in the tinted portion of the windshield, but I hope the red, yellow and green colors would be obvious to me. (My significant other is color blind but they don't drive so that's not a consideration today for me; my eyes' abilities are what I'm concerned about now.)

Further, I asked about handling compared to the S as I had test driven those. The gentleman with the X stated it drove similar but heavier than a model S (my paraphrasing what he said). It is a bigger heavier vehicle and behaves such. But he said it was similar to the S in how it drives substantially. I'll have to assume he's right because it shares a similar sled to the S. Basically, I'm thinking body roll might be less than the pickup I rented because of X's lower center of gravity, but more roll (more higher weight) than the S, I guess by a little but not much.

Safety (air filter!) and towing are why I want an X rather than S at the end of the year. X has that great air filter. Otherwise I'd probably be as content if not more so in an S all other things being equal. I'm planning to pick up a newish S now (~2 weeks), then reserve for X and trade in when the X is ready, either 2 years from now to hit max value or 1 year from now for early switch. Nothing's final; other things are going on too, but that's my plan, at least.
To get a little more specific to the title, I was wondering the height of the 2nd row seats from the floor. I know from pvogel's excellent post last year that they are 15" apart, but I haven't made note of their height from the floor. I'm looking for a long-haul cooler that would fit nicely between them, open front to back, and create a flat (albeit slippery) space between the seats.