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SEATTLE: Model 3 Trade 18"s Aero for 19"s Sport Wheels

Trade 18"s for 19"s: it seems like a lot of Washington residents are ordering 19" wheels because they want the earlier delivery and not to miss out on the local state w1G3Khv1QfavdspVfRqjtQ.jpg rM9qwrGhTHm8aw1n8f15vQ.jpg SPYeyIXjRyWjr6QSulrsrg.jpg yjsI0mk%TUK0EpAejL%U7A.jpg sales tax credit.

I originally ordered 18"s because I wanted the extra range. But I have decided I would prefer the 19"s.

So, if you're ordering 19" wheels just so you can get the earlier delivery but you really want the 18"s, I will trade with you.

In addition to the 18" wheels, I will add $1,000 cash, plus the center cap & lug nut cover set. I removed the hubcaps from my wheels and two of the four hubcaps have slight scratching on them.

I have jacks, jack stands, impact wrenches, etc and I can do the exchange at my house in about 20 minutes.
Why not just make it $1,500 since yours are used and the caps are even slightly scratched.

You don't need to make a profit compared to everyone else just because you changed your mind.
Thanks for the message. I am not looking to make a profit. I just put a value of $1,000 on the upgrade. I have already had two interested people reach out. WA State owners have been switching from 18s to 19s to get their cars sooner. This will save them $3,200 in sales tax if they take delivery before the end of May. So it's pretty compelling as is.