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Seeking a tesla tech guy


New Member
Aug 28, 2015
Hi guys, am new to this forum. Am looking for some help, I need a tech guy working at tesla, I have 3 Tessa's p85d, one which I received and shipped it to my country 3 days before the new p90 announcement. Am welling to pay for a ticked, accommodations, arranging a pro garage to work in, and pay for the service. Please if any of you knows someone help. Thanks
I think this is going to be very very difficult for you. Not only do you need the "Tesla tech guy", you need him to have the proper diagnostic equipment, much of which will be proprietary to Tesla. You could contact Tesla directly to see if they would be willing to "lend" you a tech and equipment to do the work you're needing, but I wouldn't hold my breath.
Halla, Musaed. I'm pretty sure Tesla won't do that. You'll have to bring the cars back to an authorized country to service them. Also if you can take my dad for a ride in the P85D (he lives in Dubai) that would be greatly appreciated.

May be this is a good opportunity for your dad to arrange a vacation over to where you live, so you can show him your Model S? :smile: