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Seeking Advice on M3 Issues and Customer Service

Is there anyone at Tesla Corporate I can turn to for assistance getting things properly fixed on my M3? The local Tesla Support Center, while very nice people, are not responsive & don't properly repair my vehicle. It's a big bummer.
Currently my lumbar support on drivers seat does not work (mobile service inspected, said the entire seat needs to be replaced), one of the windows doesn't always go up on first try, while streaming music on the onboard monitor - songs will skip or end abruptly and the next song begins, while driving - the onboard monitor will display "please tap key card to begin driving" even though I am already driving, once a week or so I have to fill the rear tire to hold proper PSI and the vehicle won't remember drivers seat preferences. I've rebooted and done a hard reset.

I really want to have a good experience with this Model 3 and am pretty sure the right people at Tesla will be able to get it all fixed, I just need to find the right person.

Any advice is welcomed. Thanks so much!
I am not aware of any channels up to corporate. There used to be options, but all have been removed.

Since you are in the Los Angeles area, your best bet is to take your car to a different service center. See if another service center can do better.

BTW - the PSI issue on the tire can be fixed by a regular tire shop I would imagine. I take my car to America's Tire for tire work. They can lift Tesla vehicles.
Maybe you have already.. but properly document each issue with detailed descriptions, dates and times of occurrences, pictures or videos when possible, etc. Send your detailed list to your service center or another neighboring service center's main service email address and schedule an appointment pointing to the email you sent as the documentation of the issues that need fixed. If not fully addressed, repeat... There is no other way to walk up the chain of command, if you ask for contact information they will not give it to you. If all else fails after multiple attempts for something unresolved that is still bothering you, file an arbitration case @ NCDS - Automotive Warranty Disputes and that will usually finally get someone's attention.
Az_Rael and super20g thanks so much for taking the time to reply. I'm heeding advice from both of you. Fortunately I've documented everything and have video and/or photos to support. Thanks again.
Passenger lumbar support seat pump not working on my delivered May 2019 SR+. Ranger appointment confirmed defect in mid June. Ranger wasn't sure if the whole seat was to be replaced or the pump. Summer goes by no communication from Tesla about lumbar support repair. I get a call in August from body shop for mid September appointment to repair all my delivery day paint defects from Tesla Due Bill. I contact Tesla Ranger from service receipt email in June and explain to them they should fix the lumber support while my car is in the body shop next door to Montreal SC. They agree and setup up the fix. September my car is repainted and the lumber support pump was replaced in front passenger seat without replacing the whole seat. Car paint is good now. Front passengers can now have lumbar support adjustment. It just took 4 months...

Patience is key with Tesla.
Az_Rael and super20g thanks so much for taking the time to reply. I'm heeding advice from both of you. Fortunately I've documented everything and have video and/or photos to support. Thanks again.

Anytime... I've been through pretty much every Tesla related process you can go through other than filing a lawsuit which still isn't out of the question. I asked for out of spec defects to be corrected on 2 different model 3's and got damage and subpar results back. They don't like that I hold them accountable so I am on their sh!t list and get very poor service now, but I am not going to just accept damage or unresolved issues on a new car... I like Tesla cars and their mission but I am not the walk on me type of fanboy... :)

Hit me up if you have questions along your journey.