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Seeking lithium companies from Nevada - which one is the best pick?

So guys, I was thinking...
Gigafactory needs Li in vast quantities.
First place to look is Nevada, they sure thought that through when they were deciding on a location.
TM already signed two sourcing deals (potentially sourcing)
1. Bacanora Minerals
2. Pure Energy Minerals
After some digging I found two more,
3. Western Lithium USA
4. Dajin Resources

So, any thought which one to pick for investing?
Any more similar companies out there (NV primarily)?
Any insight on this topic is appreciated.

Sorry for my English typing mistakes, not a native speaker here.
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Literally all of these are risky.

That said, I've put my eggs in the Western Lithium basket. Your mileage may vary.
I could swear I saw a press release yesterday about Pure Energy Minerals and a 5 year agreement to buy Li from them, and a little blip inside the press release (where it said Pure Energy Minerals had 8,000 acres, about 12 sq miles) that Pure Energy was next to something held by Albermarle, who bought Rockwood holdings last spring (a lithium ??processor? (i own small dollar amounts of ALB, WLCDF and HMGLF (Albemarle, Western Lithium and Pure Energy and on average over the 3, am flat so they are long term). I am NOT recomending anything and this is informational only.
Neither of the two companies that TM signed agreements with is currently producing lithium? If that's correct, it might make sense to find out who could provide TM with what they need between now and the beginning of 2018 (possibly multiple companies) and buy a few March or Jan 17 calls.
I don't know if those two companies are producing Li at the moment.
Guys from Dajin Resources are bragging all the way about some really promising ground to dig...
I just started investigating this Li mining topic so any help is welcome.