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Selling 2014 Model S 85kw with AP1 25,466 Miles

2014 Model S RWD - car has been garage kept, never smoked in, never driven in snow, no dings or scratches. Bumper to bumper warranty valid until 1/2019 and powertrain and battery good until 2023 (unlimited miles). Selling to get a Model 3 as I prefer a smaller car. Other details below. Price: $53,900

85 kilowatt battery

25,466 -miles


Obeche wood gloss decor accents

Solid Roof

Auto pilot 1

Free Supercharging

Tan leather seats

Tech Package

LTE -upgraded

Fog lights

Parking Sensors

Power Liftgate

Pano shelf

Tesla weather Tech floor mats


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Hi tpham07,

Actually I sold mine through a Facebook group. This site (TMC sales section at least) isn’t too active from what I’ve observed (compared to other forums I follow). I am on the East Coast and I’m not sure also if TMC has more west coast members but I only received a couple inquiries from here.

What I like about FB Marketplace is that you get a local audience so more likely to be able to elicit a local buyer who you can meet and walk through the car with. The downside is of that particular audience, not everyone has interest in a car in this price range. I mean car is posted among other items with average value of $20! I had successfully sold a used BMW that way so figured it was worth a try for a week or so to see if I received any interest. It’s free to post there so no harm, no fowl. My plan was to post anywhere I could for free for about a week and then post a $100 ad on autotrader.com.

In order of responses I’ve received, most to least, here’s the list from places I had posted the car.
1. Facebook Marketplace
2. Facebook Group “Teslas for Sale By Owner” (offer received)
3. CarGurus.com (very few views as compared to #1 and #2)

I see a separate thread regarding CarMax. Yes, they are now in some type of “partnership” with Tesla and will now sell them. But they completely rip you off if you go get a quote from them. They explained to us that they appraise based on a large pool of information but basically your car is averaged in with other vehicles that perhaps aren’t in good condition. The inspection they perform when they look at the car only gives them a tiny bit of leeway to increase the offer - most is based on what the computer algorithm from multiple sources gives them. They obviously need to make money to pay overhead but it has to be enough to make me not want to go through hassle of selling myself, and it was nowhere even close. Next time I won’t waste my time (at least not for a high end car, could be ok for low to mid-range models).

Hope this information is helpful!
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Yes, I completely understand. I’m not a big fan of FB either (especially in view of recent events) and my husband dislikes any social media which is why I ended up posting his car for him. It definitely works well for this purpose though and unlike Craig’s List, you can see the profile of who you’re dealing with, location, etc. You can always create an account and keep everything set to be as private as possible and use for this purpose, then inactivate account when done selling your car. Good luck to you!