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Selling 21 Arachnid Wheels silver

I am selling brand new, never used, 21 inch Arachnid Wheels. Comes with tires and I am only looking for local pickup. Pm me for more info.



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1. Slipstreams only available in 19"

2. Where did you get 5 Arachnids from? They only come in sets of 4...

3. P100Diddy appears to only have paid $2,500 for a set of 4 Arachnids... i.e. HALF what PluggedINLife's fantasy
price is for his Arachnids
*sugar*. My bad. I thought this was another post, a dude selling 5 turbines (not slipstreams..) for 1500. Yes, you’re completely right though, this is about double what some people have paid.
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I have a set for sale, my sc is giving me issues for not picking them up. I will sell them for 2700 if you pick it up tomorrow at my SC (burbank) around 2 or earlier.

I just saw your message. I can pick them up today around 2 or earlier for $2,500... and bring you a special craft beer from my collection.

Please let me know immediately so we can schedule a meeting time at the Burbank SC around our monthly Management Meeting for our brokerage company in Orange (Ashwill Associates Commercial Real Estate) today from noon to 1:00 PM. I'm one of the owners and have to attend.


Has no one ever bought anything online? I give a price that I think is fair
Fair? Even when the market was hot for these I don't think the Silver ones ever sold for $5k. There is one person who bought the Matte Black ones for over $5k but I think they are having a tough time selling them now for even $4k.

BTW do you have sand to sell me? I want to add a sand trap to my backyard to complete my mini golf course at my house. $10 a lb, sounds "fair" right?
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