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Sending the wrong message? Coal powered?

Came across this car charging in Georgia recently.

I did a double take when I read the license plate frame.

Is this owner sending the wrong message?


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How do you define "wrong"?
That may be the exact message the owner intended.

Many take pride in using local fuel, rather than sending some of our money out of the country, or at least region, hurting our economy and national security, not to mention soldier's lives.

Their are many different reasons for driving electric.
I've seen a Volt with a PA plate with a "Powered by coal" sticker. Some people are supportive of coal.

If you want to clean up electricity, sell lots of electric cars, so you'll have massive economies of scale in battery manufacturing, lower the cost of batteries, help make batteries ubiquitous on the grid, and then you'll be able to integrate a lot more renewable power more easily.

Right now, I don't care if it's powered by coal or powered by sun, I want it with a battery and powered by electricity.