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Sentry & Dashcam

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I am sure I am not alone on this. Firstly I’m not a dinosaur but not massively techy. Three years ago I fitted a Thinkware dash cam with rear camera it acts as cctv when parked, is easy to use being able to view on smartphone or take card out stick it in pc view and edit just like that.
One would have hoped that Tesla would have been just as simple and owners would be able to view all activity on the amazing in car screen, but no I am totally confused after reading other threads on this matter not just the jargon pi raspberry, scandisk usb, mini sd, fat32, ssd, version this or that, 32gb 64gb etc etc. I will probably never have this working on my car as it seems all very confusing and extremely unreliable.
I would ask though if anyone does have an idiot proof guide on what to purchase and set this up I would be truly grateful as I am sure others would to.
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I’m not sure what the consensus is but there was a rumour going around that USB sticks are not ideal for continuous writing, particularly now that Tesla seem to be including more cameras to the mix and they might not be able to keep up with the writing speed requirements.

I’ve been running an SSD in an enclosure that hasn’t given a single complaint to date. I haven’t checked read/write speeds but they’re pretty damned quick when connected to USB3 or C.

It may cost a few more ££ but the set-up with a 240GB disk was around £35-40. Footprint is about the same size as half a curly-wurly (I cant think of anything similar, maybe a milky bar or a 2 finger KitKat)

Western Digital WDS240G2G0B WD 240 GB Internal SSD M.2 SATA

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