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Sentry Mode future updates

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I love Sentry mode. I thought of a few features that I think would be a great asset.

1. Notifications on phone when an event takes place. Also set how many and how often events are notified.

2. Sync with phone app with video footage so you are able to view footage on phone.

I have to imagine this has been thought of but also not sure how long if anyone read any rumors of this being possible or in the plans.
Just thought I’d throw it out there
Tesla doesn't want to pay for the bandwidth to send video from car to phone.

It does notify on your phone if the alarm state happens, just not the "alert" state (where sentry saves the last 10 minutes of video but no alarm happens- some folks get numerous alert states an hour parking in busy parking lots so I imagine most would find that annoying, but it'd at least be pretty trivial to implement.