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Sentry Mode Recording But Not Displaying on Screen or Flashing Lights

I noticed today that my screen is no longer showing that a recording is in progress when triggered. The lights no longer flash either but the recording is still happening. I have reset the screen using the two button scroll wheels and I have also completely shut down the car and the issue persist.

I am on 2019.28.31.1
So, I just went to double check those settings and before I went I turned off my phone. As I approached the car the lights flashed and the screen said recording in progress. I turned my phone back on and walked a few hundred feet away and when I came back the lights did not flash and the screen did not say it was recording. This was not the same behavior in past software so maybe it is intentionally not lighting up when the phone is connected. I will do more testing.
Agree that it is reasonable and the way it should be but it did not behave this way before the latest update which is why I was concerned. If this is normal then I have nothing to worry about. The good thing is it was still recording. The only downside to this is if I am in a building close by and my phone is connected the car won't visually make aware a would be thief/vandal that they are being recorded.