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Sentry Viewer - Black Screen

Hi folks, I'm mostly in the German forum but I'm currently receiving no answers to my problem. I updated to 21.4.12 yesterday. Since then, when I start the dashcam video player, I only get a black screen. I have already reformatted the stick. Still only black screen. However, the videos are saved on the stick. Can someone help me or have the same problem? Many greetings from Berlin. Felix
forgot to upload picture ;-)


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I have the same issue. The cam video player never opens correctly on the first attempt. It shows the same black screen. I have to exit out and reopen it. It’s pretty annoying. And waiting a minute or two? Thats unacceptable. That would just be very poor software. I’m on 2021.4.12 as well, though the cam function has always been buggy or quirky to me. When the viewer does work,it will often cut out and restart the video right when before the incident that triggered Sentry mode takes place. Scrolling and scrubbing through video is also consistently a mess.