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Service Center - Sacramento, CA

I'm not seeing a post about this yet. I've heard rumors about a new service center in Sacramento, CA and it looks like they are true!!! Credit to Ray Suavillo on Facebook. It's at the corner of Arden and Fulton. It's an old Maserati dealership.
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Sorry, I didn't mean to post this in the California Supercharging Locations group! I was attempting to post it to California in general.
I think this is good and consistent with the Tesla 'Find us' giving the map location of Superchargers, Show Rooms, and Service Centers.

The location is one block West from Fulton Avenue on Arden Way.

The Google address is: 1731 Marcia Lane, Sacramento, California

There is also a Supercharger about two miles West at the Arden Fair Mall next to the 80 Highway exit.
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New Tesla Showroom and Service Center coming to Sacramento, at 2535 Arden Way. It's across from Estelle's Bakery and Pep Boys. It looks essentially identical to the Rocklin facility except there are no public Superchargers. It really looks ready to go building-wise. It just needs the vehicles and staff, and possibly equipment in the service area. There's even a coffee maker already installed in the service area and a night dropbox for leaving off the key fob for your car.
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Only shows up as "service" on the Find Us page though. Does anybody know if this really is a showroom as well? I have a service appointment here on Tuesday, and I have friends who'd like to kick some tires. Trying to figure out if it is worth their time to go.

No phone number for sales. Only service and roadside assistance.
So to answer my own question:

It WILL be a showroom. It HAS a show-room. Just no cars or anything else to show just yet. I'm told it will be at the end of 2021 when it is open. The area is currently just blocked off. The service writers are in a seemingly temporary area. The service bays are pretty cramped. I'm going to have my second service appointment here early next week. They did a great job the first time, and it is SO much closer to where I am in Davis. Not a great part of town, but whatever. I also wish they went over-sized instead of "barely big enough to start with." But again... better than nothing.
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