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Service Mode keeps Valet Mode?

Just to make others aware, having arrived at a service centre yesterday and cruising in Valet Mode (to reduce a problem being attended to) I found my Tesla automatically entered Service Mode on arrival at the geo-fence zone, greying out the various in-car security options and app control too. Just oddly, Valet Mode was still left on. You can guess what happened next; a call from technicians when they couldn't open up the car to begin work.

To resolve without giving away pass codes they took it out of Service Mode so I could use my app to disable Valet while being chauffeured away at 70 mph, triggering a confusing “Your vehicle is ready to collect” auto-text message. Later had the same thing happen again when MCU1 settings were migrated to MCU2, as app Valet Mode change isn’t saved to in-car driver profile.

Touchless Service also still mentions on the official support web page to bring key fobs / card along. A randomised geo-fence PIN to Drive value is set once on-site. Just that if you leave said keys within vehicle that doesn't stop someone ‘borrowing’ them, then following you home. I handed mine over to service desk (who seem puzzled by this) but pleasingly received them back later with fresh batteries.
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