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Service TPMS

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Dec 5, 2014
Service TPMS popped up on my way to work.

v7 installed last week

drove 160 miles Sunday without issue. New tires about a month ago.

it was 30 out on my way to work...?

Nothing about tires low, just says TPMS needs service.

Ugh. On the plus side, the reverse lines seem to move more fluidly with v7.

And what's weird is that it was only with the Tesla sensors that came with the car. The after-market Tire Rack sensors on my second set of rims have been rock solid.

When I first got the error, they thought they found the culprit and replaced one wheel sensor. When the error came back a week or so later, that's when they decided to go all in and replace the receiver, add the antenna kit and put in 4 new sensors. Then, just my luck, one of the new 4 went bad. They were very good about getting me fixed up, and being just a few miles away, I could drop it off in the morning, pick up a loaner and return after work.

I think if having service so convenient was not an option for me, I might not be as gracious about all of this.
I've had TMPS computer on my car replaced twice so far for that error and each time it was when I was swapping summer to winter set of wheels (19" and 21" with Tesla censors).

We'll see if I'll encounter the problem again when I go and swap my wheels next month.
The early Model S TPMS eat up the battery faster than the more recent version. The after market versions are longer lasting also. The original ones only last about 500 days.... This is part of the early bird special. Ha. I LOVE MY TESLA. Warts and all.
I had one TPMS sensor go bad on my 2013 also. Tesla replaced it nicely. They came to my house, took the car for about an hour to a shop I recommended and returned it promptly! Great service.

Given other posts, I think Sabr would be ecstatic if they came to his other rather than making him drive two or so hours each way to the service center. Somehow though, I doubt it will go down that way.
The SC is 2 hours from my house... I'm getting tired of all these issues... they are minor, but c'mon...