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Setting off screeching alarms!


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Apr 3, 2016
Wantagh, NY
Charging my S: Apparently Paramus NJ center is closed on Sundays. The supercharger was open and very active on 3/4/18. Decided with my wife let's take a look inside maybe they have a Model 3 on display. (One can hope) So we walk inside, look around don't see anyone. My wife uses the bathroom and then checks out the X and decides the S is too small, too low and insufficient for our family. I should have left her in the car! Then a very loud screeching alarm goes off and it hits me, the place is closed. Someone forgot to lock the door.:rolleyes: Sorry Paramus Tesla :oops: If you are looking to press charges it was my wife. She forced me to go in for the restroom :) Check the video, you will see a sufficiently cowered and nagged husband :) Seriously though, lock your sh^%$# up!
Had some lunch with a view of the place, cops never showed up.
One Saturday morning last year my wife went to our bank. She got there right at opening time, opened the door, and walked in. There were no tellers at the windows and nobody in the front offices. She stood there for a minute or two, calling out and listening for a response, to no avail. Creeped out, she quickly returned to her car. The bank employees showed up a few minutes later and my wife told them what she had discovered. The bank employees said that Friday night was the cleaning company's night to clean and they must have forgotten to lock up and set the alarm.

And this isn't some little Podunk bank. It's a branch of a huge national chain.