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Aug 15, 2019
I'm tired of seeing all these threads about a bad experience someone had with their local service center, so figured I would start a thread to share some light.

One caveat, the issues I have had with my car have been rare and minor.

My first issue was that my car refused to download an update. I called the Tesla customer service line, and they diagnosed that a weak WiFi connection was causing my download to fail, and if this happens over and over and over, eventually the car blocks itself from pulling any further data related to the update, even if i move the car to a stronger WiFi location. The person with customer service scheduled an appointment to have a mobile tech come to my office when I was working and manually push the update through. It took about 2 weeks but the tech came as scheduled and problem was solved. I had to live without the newest version of Cuphead.

My next issue was that my rear backup camera was inexplicably black at all times. I called the customer service line, and they were not able to figure out why it was happening. Once again, they sent me through to schedule an appointment and a tech came to my office to refresh my system, or whatever, and problem solved. The wait for this one was also about 2 weeks, not ideal given I had no backup camera, but it was what it was and I was happy that a tech was able to drive to me and fix it without any effort on my end.

The last one isn't an issue, but just good service - I read on this blog that Mobile Tesla techs were now doing tire rotations, the timing was perfect because I was just about to need one based on my mileage. I went through the app and scheduled the appointment for about 2.5 weeks out. I got a text from Tesla about a week later saying they could have a tech over to me that day, 1.5 weeks earlier than I expected. It worked out because my car was parked at my office anyways. The tech did the rotation while the car was parked in the office garage and off he went.

Some additional info, I currently lease my car, and I was not charged for any of the above, other than the tire rotation (i believe it was $29). Each time the tech has also refilled my wiper fluid, never even asked :)

If you have a good service experience(s), feel free to share here!


Sep 17, 2019
Upstate NY
I took my '19 M3 in for the rust spot right behind the drivers fender. They adjusted the panel, and touched up the paint. While they had it, they noticed some ghosting in the paint, and took care of it, on their own, didn't even have to ask.
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Jan 26, 2020
New Jersey
I had service only once so far, to address a rattle so minor that passengers claimed they couldn't hear it. They sent mobile service out, he zeroed in on it right away and installed a small piece of felt in the center console latch. It's been totally solid ever since, and the service visit was a pleasure! Other than that, nothing else has gone wrong.

One tip: at least here in the USA, they were sending out some scary sounding message about how much they would charge you if the issue isn't covered under warranty. It works fine to just totally ignore that message; you don't need to confirm/sign it if you don't want to.
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Supporting Member
Apr 4, 2019
San Diego
Well let’s put it this way, Installed new High Temp Pressure Sensor, Super Manifold and the Acoustic A/C compressor blanket in under 24 hours is amazing. This was 2 weeks ago and today I went back to give my service advisor feedback on how well the A/C works now. He remembers my name and the reason why I took the model Y in. I also asked for 2 license plate screws and got them, no questions asked.

Tesla Kearny Mesa & Tesla Mira Mar, super awesome customer service.

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Jun 12, 2019
No service needed in the year we've had the car, which in itself is a positive service report, really.

And while I understand that all of the negative customer service posts can get to be a bit of a drag, remember that no company is perfect, even our beloved Tesla. I'm as much of a fanboi as you can possibly get, but I won't hesitate to call Tesla on the carpet for customer service shortcomings. There is nothing wrong with calling attention to problem areas that Tesla needs to work on, so that they can do exactly that. The abundance of CS complaints Elon heard about last year caused him to put out a statement that Tesla was going to "dedicate significant resources" toward increasing the customer service satisfaction levels. If no one had complained, nothing would've gotten accomplished.

So try to take the bad CS experiences in stride, and realize that Tesla needs to know about these things so that they can react appropriately.

I really do like your idea for the thread, though, let's hear about those good reports!


2020 P3D-
Nov 15, 2019
South Florida
My car has been to the service center a few times.

1. Clip inside door panel broke, they fixed it within 5 minutes.
2. loose sway bar end link, dash board and a pillar rattle - they fixed the sway bar link while i waited, and ordered a new dash and a pillar.
3. Dropped off car for the dash/ a pillar and this creaking sound from the rear of the car, and an alignment. Got a model S loaner for the week.
4. Dropped off car because the creaking from the rear returned, it was a sheet metal fender liner seam. They replaced the fender liner completely and seam sealed it completely, has not returned in a few months. Had a model X loaner for a couple days.
5. Dropped off car for leaking axle seal. They found the side I thought was leaking wasn't leaking, but the other side was and replaced it. Had a model X loaner for the week.

While I am not super happy with the amount of things/times I've needed things fixed, they have fixed every one of them and given me a loaner. This is in a super super crowded service center.
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REJECT Fascism
May 7, 2015
New Mexico
Three ranger experiences, one in Colorado and two in New Mexico, all were beyond excellent

  1. Defective port locking mechanism, plug was stuck
  2. Front door readjustment
  3. Windshield replacement
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Dec 17, 2018
Des Moines, IA
Last month I scheduled service on the app one night because my car was several updates behind. It hadn't downloaded an update in months but it was getting good wifi signal at home every night. The next morning I got a text from a Tesla service rep saying he didn't see any issues with my car that would cause it not to pull down an update, said he was pushing an update through and I should see it soon. the update was downloading within 15 minutes of that text and installed soon after. Awesome.

Had mobile service come out a couple of times last year. Needed to get my spoiler and badge installed, also had a weatherstrip that came loose from the front passenger door. I chatted with the tech, Tanner, each time and he was cool. Seemed to really enjoy his job even though he had to cover nearly all of Iowa on his own at the time. Came out to my office and did the work in the parking lot. Nice guy, was timely and had the parts ready to go when he said he would.
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Nov 13, 2019
Quebec City, Canada
I have had good service every time. One was a connector issue under a seat (safety restraint warning), another was water in a taillight. Both were mobile service and the techs were very nice and worked well. Had good chats with them, they were knowledgeable and gave good answers.
I was wondering about a noise when turning the wheel and the tech took the time to record a video from another car when he went back to the garage and sent it to me.

So far all great experiences. Quebec city, canada.
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Uncle Paul

Well-Known Member
Nov 1, 2013
Canyon Lake,CA
This whole thing about rushing to your keyboard to rant about some issue that only effects the OP is somewhat annoying. Just because you got a flat tire, a loose screw, a scratch, some imperfect paint, a film on your windshield etc. is not an indicatation that everyone will have this issue. Readers live in fear that their car will also secumb to this malady. Maybe their battery will explode, a tail light go out, a windshield wiper streak, a display go blank until reset, unable to find how to open your glove compartment while driving on freeway, a tire with imprecise air pressure. The complaints seem to go on forever.

People need to realize that these are complicated vehicles and built to a price. They provide great clean transportation, but often are imperfect and have flaws. They are mass produced and sold to the general public over the internet.

Live with the fact you cannot get free unlimited brand new high spec loaners, or sometimes no free loaners at all. That your friendly local service center will make their best effort to repair any issues, but that they are also imperfect and often cannot fix everything the first time or carry every conceivable spare part that every customer may need.

Everybody knows they could do better...in fact everything in the world could be better. We get pretty self centered and feel entitled to VIP service for every issue that comes up.

So many feel compelled to complain that their car that they spend $$,$$$ on should never have the issue they are faced with.

While most would not be happy that some ill will befall upon their beloved Tesla, there is no need to go all Snowflake on the internet about it. Sometimes you need to appreciate the opportunity to own one of these amazing cars at all, and deal with your own issues as they come up.

Don't even get me started on the complainers that their cars only charge up to 99%, that they do not get exactly the range that EPA rates. That their cars were not fully charged up on delivery or did not have the latest software downloaded on delivery. Complain that they need to pay for their cars before they can pick them up, that there is not a Supercharger located on their way to work or near their house. That they screwed themselves by selling their car before picking up their Tesla due to it being delayed from the original estimated date. That they need to keep making car payments while it is in the shop or that because they have changed their minds so many times their deliveries keep getting delayed and now the price has gone up and they want their original deal back.

"flame suit on"


Nov 23, 2018
2018 AWD computer and performance upgrade. I went into Scottsdale, AZ service center for computer upgrade and they replaced the truck gasket and charge receptacle. I waited and went for a walk. Came back and helped a couple of Tesla wantabees and took my car home. Absolutely no complaints at all.
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Stanwood Steve

2018 Performance Model 3
Mar 30, 2019
Stanwood, WA
I've had very few issues with my M3P other than a panel alignment issue and two minor paint issues that were discovered at delivery. My experience with the Service Centers (I used the Bellevue, WA location until a new one opened in Lynnwood, WA), has been great. I had the computer upgrade done at Lynnwood, with no issues or complaints. They even provided me with a Model S P85D to drive while they had my car. Bellevue provided me with a Model X loaner. Impact to me was minimal. Service Center reps were great to work with. I have yet to pay for any service related issue with the car, and it has over 46,000 miles on it. Just this past week I replaced the cabin air filters (it's been two years now), and even that wasn't too bad.
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Nov 13, 2019
Quebec City, Canada
I won't go as far as what Uncle Paul says although I agree with some of his statements. What you should remember is that people that come to internet forums like this one are "different" than normal people. I am including myself in that bunch by the way, I'm here after all :) Some of us are very picky about everything. Others will just voice their negative comments. I think it's good to always take those negative comments on the internet, in reviews etc with a grain of salt.

If you've ever done some statistics/probabilities you'll recognize that we don't have a proper sample of all owners on the forums.
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