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Just saw this at an IKEA in Miami. I was hoping to charge my X while there, but someone who definitely needed the spot more (disabled) was already parked there, which got me thinking... What if it had been the other way around? What if a disabled person had to park farther from the entrance because I was charging? By the way... There were PLENTY of regular spots on a Saturday evening. Thoughts?


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I do not like these combined spots. To me, they are only valid a disabled person that is charging a vehicle. The local Nissan dealer is setup like this with one of their public charging stalls that I use on occasion for a 10 minute top-off on the way home.

Myself, having a parent and grandparent that have been needing handicapped parking (cane and or walker was required to take a single step) for 10+ years, I refuse to park in these stalls.

edit: I charge at the Nissan dealer using their other parking spaces, but refuse to use this parking stall - original wording was a little unclear.
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I absolutely understand. It is confusing and representative of how people (in this case managers at the store or whoever) don't quite understand the whole EV movement... To the point of affecting someone else that really needs the space. To me it seems like they were required to install this charger and did so as an afterthought thinking no one would actually want or need to charge a car. Now, if it is indeed reserved for handicapped people with EV vehicles, they could make it less confusing by installing a clear sign to the effect of "EVcharging for disabled people only". I agree with you, even if it wasn't being used, I wouldn't have parked there, just in case.