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Shopping carts, trash at Superchargers

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As the number of Teslas hitting our streets increases (and thus Supercharger usage), I've seen an alarming increase in Tesla owners not taking care of the Superchargers by leaving their trash (sometimes even when there's a trash bin not more than 20' away) and not returning shopping carts to their proper place. Contrary to popular belief, leaving your shopping carts in random places doesn't "create jobs" for people - it takes time away from the jobs they're supposed to be doing. Please, let's all be respectful of this shared resource and do our part to keep it clean and tidy, and to be viewed as good visitors to the many malls/shopping areas/stores on whose property superchargers often live.

This is particularly bad at the Fremont Hub supercharger where I routinely see (and voluntarily return) half a dozen or more shopping carts in the unused parking spaces adjacent to the supercharger.
OP, thank you for this post. It’s nice to see that some people still believe in common courtesy, taking responsibility, and doing the right thing. I have lost confidence in the general behavior of our society and it’s a pleasant reminder that there are still honorable people trying to make things better.
Fortunately, I have never visited a supercharger location that wasn't free of trash and debris. I have taken four road trips and visited 14 locations in 4 states. Hopefully I won't see what some of you have experienced.
I agree -- I have never seen this at all. I don't charge often in California. Maybe it is just a case of the same percentage of inconsiderate people, but simply higher traffic at the locations makes for more mess accumulation.
One plausible theory that I submit:

The Fresno Supercharger has trash strewn about all the time. The layout is such that the northwest winds blow rather unimpaired through the open parking areas at night, and some of this trash winds up littering the SC parking stalls. The trash especially accumulates at the southeastern most stalls. A similar trashy situation arises at the next parking spots south of the Supercharger.

There are homeless types in the area too, and it would not surprise me that some of those folks toss their trash as they amble down the sidewalk or through the parking lot.

The clean up crew for the shopping center will not always sweep the parking lot in the nooks and crannies that house the Superchargers, or there might be one or two of us charging coincidental to the times the sweepers do their work, thereby not allowing them to sweep.

I am sure that there are inconsiderate and lazy owners who drive Teslas and dump their trash before they unplug and drive away. But I think that a sizable amount of the debris comes from elsewhere on the wind.
Totally agree with this post. Having taken road trips from west coast to east coast, down south and in eastern Canada this year it is a very common occurrence to find the superchargers full of trash. Also people traveling with their dogs not picking up their dog *sugar* in the area (traveled with our dog and stepped in *sugar* multiple times, learned my lesson and always look where I'm walking now).