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Should I be worried

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My delivery estimate indicates first production Feb-Apr 2018, but no invite to configure as of yet. Speculation is that Model 3 deliveries are going to be focused on Canada soon. Now, I am not in a position to finance a LR/PUP car, but I was hoping to get the invite soon and delay until the SR is available. Anybody else still have a Feb-Apr 2018 Delivery Estimate that is waiting?

FYI, delivery is configured for Minnesota, so not one of the locations that have seen a lot of deliveries, but it seems there have been some. Perhaps I need to change my delivery location to Chicago and make a road trip of it.
I care because when the SR becomes available I assume I will be queued up in the same priority as I am currently, behind all of the other people deferring for the SR model. The PUP and LR are not in my budget plan and the Model 3 is probably only in play for me with at least the $3500 tax credit available, which shouldn't be a problem, but I would rather not wait until Q1 of next year either.
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I would not worry about Canada. If anything they are helping to extend the tax credit. Canada is is only about 10% of the US and will have a higher percentage waiting for the dual motors anyways. By the time the SR is available they should be cranking out 5,000/week.

As for your location it should not matter. I am 200 miles from the nearest store and still got the invite. If anything I thing you would want your "home" location to be one that is not as busy.

I had a March-May First Production and get the invite a month ago. I am waiting another couple weeks for the white interior.
I assure you, the delivery estimate still say's Feb-Apr 2018 First Production, mid 2018 for Dual Motor Mid 2018, Standard - Late 2018. Reservation was made for me on April 2017 by a family member while they were working as an intern at Telsa during spring of last year. I believe the original delivery notification said Dec 2017 - Feb 2018 before it got shifted back, but I don't remember for certain. I don't know what priority Tesla assigned the reservation, but it was moved ahead of the personal reservation that I had made in Feb 2017, currently showing Jul - Sep 2018 for first prod.
The reason you have Feb-Apr has to be employee priority. I don't think we have anyone here who could comment on what is going on with employee reservations, since employees seem to be discouraged/prohibited from participating in online discussions. I may be wrong though. The general feeling was that all employees got their invites long time ago (by December) but clearly it is not the case. There is almost certainly no one else left at Feb-Apr and with no invite, unless they are in your situation: the only people at Feb-Apr were former owners and a handful of non-owners who got their reservations early on 3/31/16; all of them have been invited and most of them took delivery by the end of February.

It would not hurt to call Tesla and ask, in case your reservation somehow got misfiled or something. You could reasonably hope to get employee priority on SR, but, if they have not invited you yet, either something is wrong, or you did not have full employee priority to begin with, or you lost it somehow.
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