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Should I buy a SR 3?

It’s been a few months since then, and my wife swapped her ride for a 2021 BMW 330E plug in hybrid. It’s a very nice car, more refined than Tesla, but nowhere near as efficient. Nevertheless it raises some questions. My wife’s car will be the hybrid ICE we use when we need to take a longer trip, but as a second car the updated SR M3 may be a good way to return to EV driving. I was hoping for the CT, but that looks delayed. The SR range is greater than when it first came out, and rarely do I drive more than 200 miles/day. Even then there are plenty of Tesla chargers on my normal routes.
How are you liking the 330E, particularly for trips? Do you get a full 23 electric miles in mixed city/highway driving?
ROFL! (at the comment about the long talk with someone while laying on your back remembering your childhood.. hehe)


There is nothing (and I mean nothing) at all wrong with the Audi (or any other ICE) from my perspective. I am not an environmentalist, or anything like that. I think they are great cars. I also think teslas are great cars, but for completely different reasons than your current audi is a great car.

I LOVE my model 3 performance, for what it is, and can forgive what it "isnt" because I love the stuff it IS more than the stuff it isnt, bothers me.

It IS a great driving car, for me, that still puts a grin on my face whenever I go out to drive it. I actually drive slower in it than I did in my various BMWs, because, for some strange reason, KNOWING I can beat just about anyone in "stoplight hero" makes me do that stuff less. Not zero, but "hardly ever".

I love the tech, and updates and the fact that there is not a huge difference, software wise, between my 2018 and model 3s sold now.

I like the ride of the stock suspension. Its not "great" but its not poor either, for me. I know I can change it if I want to, but no desire yet to do so.

I forgive the somewhat thin paint, and wind noise, and the lack of a HUD, and the very spartan interior, because the car is so fun to drive.

For me, and my model 3, battery degradation has been very minimal. I have 27k miles (ish) and I plug my car in every time it hits my garage, and charge to 90%. Right now, I charge to 90% then move the slider down to like 75% because I work mostly from home and my car sits for days without driving, and I dont want it pinging back and forth between 87% and 90. I always charge to 90, though. I still show 263-264 as a 90% range.

The effective range would be around 220 or so, driven at freeway speeds out here, but thats still fine for me.

The reason I was saying "No I dont think you should get a SR+" is not because I think there is anything wrong with them at all. It was more along the lines that "you already had a model 3, and decided against keeping it after spending a lot of time in thought, and getting a lot of feedback... and its the same basic car".

What I am hearing now is, even though some stuff annoyed you, its "calling you back" even though you have a perfectly serviceable audi you basically just got. If you think you can live with the "dont like it" stuff, then sure, go for it. Something is pulling you toward the model 3 again, lol.

Just, dont try to tell yourself its because the new cars are markedly quieter, or because the degradation issue is different, or because the build quality is noticeably better or something. Be prepared to live with the fact that its the same basic car, but you liked that one more than you thought.

Thats the longer version of my opinion anyway.
"I love the stuff it IS more than the stuff it isn't," This is a great post. Take all the positives and forget the negatives. Wish we had more people that could do that!!!
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