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Should I purchase the Extended Warranty for Extra 4 year/50K miles?

Did you purchase the Tesla Extended Warranty for an extra 4-years/50K miles coverage?

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2017 Model X P100D Ludicrous AP3.0, FSD, MCU2
Mar 22, 2014
Sarasota, Florida
I have a 2012 P85. 36,000 miles. My manufacturer's warranty will expire probably in a year from now as I inch closer to 50K miles. Tesla is offering a extended warranty package for $4000 which would extend the warranty for another 4 years and 50K miles. I am contemplating it but would like to see how many owners have opted for the extended warranty.
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Also depends on how many miles OP is driving...If he is only 36K miles he is using ony 12K miles approx each year and I think extended warranty makes sense.

The $200 deductible is outrageous in my opinion.

I drive around $30,000 miles each year or less and for me it does not make sense.