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Shout out to Tysons Corner SC

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Tonight my wife and I were headed to a Black tie event at the Tower Club in Tysons, when in route I got an alert about low tire pressure. I delivered the Misses to the event on time and quickly called my main man Carlos at the Tysons Corner SC. He got me in with five minutes notice.

Just wanted to acknowledge the great work he does and thank him for his impeccable support to the Telsa product line. Carlos - thank you sir! If I ever start my own business, I want you to come work with me! You always put the customer first and build a personal and professional bridge to the customer. Again thanks! Just want you to know that I really depend on you and appreciate the support!

Hope this gets to senior leadership as you are one of the best ambassadors for the product and set a standard that is tough for your competition to match! I would buy a third product from Tesla knowing that you are the supporting the product line!

Please describe what you've seen as far as improved performance with the LTE upgrade. The speed issues with our car internet are not as big of a deal as compared to whether we get signal or not. Generally the biggest issue is completely losing the Slacker/Tune-In streaming or map backgrounds -- not so much the speed. But please describe if/how you see improvement.

My main reason for the getting the upgrade was for improving the dropouts on my daily commute. My problem is a was driving right under the propagation wave from the cell tower and was getting dropouts. Since install I have not lost the signal and even drove out to Skyline Drive to see if I could get it to drop the signal - Slacker stayed "rock" solid through the whole trip. In my opinion this is mission success. Also noticed an improvement in the Dolby driven content - it just sounds like the frequency range is more dynamic (deeper bass and higher highs) - love it...
Adding my compliments/shout out to Tysons Corner SC. Took my Apr 2013 MS 85 in for LTE upgrade and tire rotation. Asked them to listen to DU. They listened, recorded the sound, sent it to Tesla engineering, who authorized replacement. Michael kept me informed of status and the work was completed very quickly.

In addition to Michael, a new addition to the SC is Jonathan, who used to be at the Rockville SC. Another great individual.

I've had nothing but superb service at the Tesla SCs --- first in Rockville and then at Tysons. Thanks!!!
@Xenoilphobe - does it improve map redraw rate? and does traffic (green/red) appear any faster? Those are my two big wanna-haves, I can live with blips in my music.

@Only Trons - agree Jonathan is wonderful - how did you steal him from us? Was he a free agent? Do we at least get draft picks for Rockville (which will, I am sure, soon be raided for the new Owings Mill SC... *sigh*)?
Well, @CatB.......... you can always move over from the dark side (MD) to join us enlightened folks in VA......and then you, too, can enjoy the great service at Tyson's Corner.....

Oh, yeah.....I know that you were looking at houses over here.....guess you'll have to expedite that....:tongue: