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Show me your Model Y accessories (interior and exterior)

My list and recs:

Things I like and I wouldn’t want to do without:
Window tint
Autailors 9 piece floor mats (love these)
Rear back seat covers
Jowua tray organizer (easy to clean and can slide out of place)
USB-C adapters
Air Compressor (and grab a plug kit if your comfortable working on a flat)

Things I like but could live without:
BougeRV trunk organizer (I keep it in the subtrunk with my detailing supplies)
Basenor Mudflaps (Depends where you drive and how much you care if your car is dirty; didn't bother with the rears)
Armrest organizer
Endurance 256gb microSD + Reader (a 128gb will be just fine. Or just use the tesla branded one until it fails and snag a backup drive when its on sale)
Trash bin
Tire tread gauge

Things I have but in hindsight would have skipped:
J1772 Adapter Lock (unless you frequent a charger where this is an issue I wouldn't bother)
Jack pads (A must if you lift your car at home, otherwise most shops these days are comfortable lifting teslas and have their own)
Matte Screen Protector (Really just a finger print eliminator for me. May be different if you have kids or juggle knives).
Silcone cup holder (I like this style because its easier to clean but found most reusable bottles/thermos fit better without it)

Cosmetic items that I like but you may not:
Performance Pedals
Blue front footwell lights
Tesla logo puddle lights (stock lights are pretty useless)
Center console RGB kit

Things I skipped:
Phone mount (never really need to touch my phone when driving and the tesla tax thing on these things are silly)
USB Hub (four USB C ports already in reach, no need)
Keyfob (phone works just fine)
Roof Shade (stock heat rejection seemed fine to me at the tail end of summer, but may reconsider next year)
Cargo cover (would probably spring for this but my trunk is usually empty and can place smaller valuables in frunk)

Apps I like:
Tessie (great interface, responsive dev, tons of features, and doesn't sell your data)
Teslamate (free option, still running this but find tessie much easier to use)

No rinse detailing kit (I keep it in my subtrunk to wash in my apartment complex garage)
Opti-seal (great for helping to dry the car)
Big red sponge
Bug scrubber sponge
Tire gel (not glossy enough for me)
Tire sponge
Spray bottles (I keep ONR with a quick detailing ratio in these. I find it works well getting bugs off, especially with PPF installed)
Invisible glass (the best)
Glass Towels (these are great but kinda grippy)
Microfiber towels (for quick wipe downs)
Drying towels (I'm going to try out some dry-me-a-river towels next, two of these are not sufficient to dry the car)
Collapsible Bucket (2 gallons of distilled water + ONR and its good to go)

On a side note, I had a really good experience with Abstract Ocean's customer service and find their prices to be the same as amazon (without the sales tax)