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Side mirror malfunction after car wash

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Curious if anyone else has this issue.

Without washing, car will behave normally. Putting it on reverse, the mirror will tilt correctly. Putting it on drive, it will auto tilt up normally.

However after I wash my car (Washing at home), my driver side mirror will start to act up. This is starting to happen every time after I wash my car. I do not put much pressure when washing the mirrors. The mirrors NEVER move when I wash the mirrors, that being said, it tilting can not happen during physical touch. When I put it on drive, it will tilt correctly. Then when I put it on reverse, it will tilt MAX down and MAX right (Driver side only). Passenger side mirror has not had this issue at all. Putting it on drive again, the mirror goes up, however not at the original spot, it is usually a lot lower than how I would normally have it. I would then readjust the mirror to my usual. When I go to reverse park somewhere else, it resets to the MAX DOWN/RIGHT location.

Today, I went to drive it to work, and now the mirror is way higher than it should be, however Reverse now seems normal. After a few days , it usually "fixes" itself.

I'm going to assume water is touching something and causing a malfunction. I've notified tesla service about this. But even they are saying it might be out of warranty...
2023 with only 11k miles....