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Side Mirror Replacement Cost FYI

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I clipped my drivers side mirror last Thursday backing out of my garage. It turned the mirror forward, breaking the chrome underside and part of the black plastic surround. The colored top popped off and was a little scratched up, but not damaged and the mirror was also not damaged. I called my closest service center in Cleveland (180 miles away) and requested to order a replacement mirror the next day and they placed the order for the part to be sent to my local Ranger. It took three business days to get the part to the Ranger and he replaced the mirror in the parking lot of my work, the day he received it, . I also ordered wiper replacements since they're a couple years old and was going to order a Hepa filter replacement, but was told the car would warn me when it needs replacing.

The whole side mirror assembly comes as a complete unit and was swapped out at the cost of $535.00 with an hour of labor at $75.00. The two wipers cost a total of $55.00 with $7.50 in labor. He also checked diagnostics and verified my software version, addressing some other minor concerns while he was there. I have a creak in my drivers side door arm rest and he confirmed a plastic weld break and ordered a replacement interior door panel to be replaced at a later date. Also ordered some clips for the plastic seat back since it's making some creaking sounds. Awesome service by the Cleveland Tesla team and Local Michigan Ranger service.