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Side View Mirror Park Issue

Does anyone else have the issue where the left (or right) side view mirror glass turns inward when the car is put into park?

The mirrors are still folded out, but the actual glass is turning inward in a way that makes it virtually impossible to see oncoming traffic when getting out of the car.

I took my M3 to service and they replaced the side view mirror, but the problem is still there.
The mirror housing doesn't fold in, just the mirror itself.

Same idea as the tilt down movement, but instead it is tilting as far to the right as it can. The right mirror, however, stays exactly where it should when the car is put into park.

I have even tried putting the car into park, adjusting the mirror back to where it regularly is, and saving that position in the hopes that there is just a separate setting for when the car is in park, but to no avail.
I do have the tilt down option selected and that works fine when I am reversing.

It's when I actually put the car in park that the mirror turns horizontally toward the steering wheel.

Is your car on "Easy Entry" when this occurs? Easy Entry will save mirror settings. If that is the case, I would recommend deleting Easy Entry profile and creating a new one off of your profile so it should save your current mirror settings.
Sorry to thread jack, but when they replaced your Model 3 mirror, did they replace the entire mirror housing or just the components inside? Mine is getting wrapped right now and the passenger side mirror will not adjust, mirror folds fine but it’s stuck in the same position that it was delivered in. Tried soft and hard reboots to no avail.