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Signature lights and running lights

I’ve seen a lot of references to two things that I don’t think my LR AWD, build 9/19 has:
1. “Running” lights that illuminate the foglight/parking light strip with a white light bar. On my car the clear lens in the lower bumper just has an amber light towards the inside that turns on with the parking lights, and a white light that projects outwards with the foglights from the outer edge. The horizontal lens itself doesn’t light up white.

2. “Signature” lights that are separate from the large white daytime running light at the top of each headlight lens. I see references both online and in the manual to these signature lights that are supposedly only installed on the higher trim level cars (like mine) but I don’t actually see any additional lights other than the regular large white DRL lights.
Actually, correction. I just realized that I do have the “running” light lines in the lower clear lenses. They are just at the very back where I couldn’t see them unless I looked directly into the lens.

So now just to figure out the “signature” lights.
Alright... I guess I have it figured out now haha...

So the "running" light, the white horizontal strip next to the amber parking light in the lower bumper cover seems to just be another part of the parking light. It only turns on when the parking lights are on and doesn't run as an additional DRL.

I guess the "signature" light is just the extra strip of light below the larger main DRL. This one is hard to discern because it basically just looks like part of the larger DRL light (the light on top that almost looks like a fluorescent type light). As far as I can tell the signature light strip is always on when the DRL is on and is always off when the DRL is off. It's actually hard for me to tell if it's even a separate light or if it just some how is a lens that uses the light from the main DRL, but others have mentioned the signature light strip having issues while the main DRL stayed on so I guess it is a separate light source.

I tested a bunch of scenarios with the lights on, off, auto, parking, etc. and with the car in Park and in Drive and it doesn't seem like there's any way to separate the "running" lights from the parking lights or to separate the "signature" lights from the DRLs.
I actually do have a follow up question to this: I have a SR+ M3 built on the same date actually, and I have the fake plastic fog lights (as my trim does not come with them installed) however, I do have that horizontal strip you mention, but whether parking lights or all the lights are enabled, those horizontal lights don't turn on. Is this by design for my trim or are they broken?