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Silver Metallic is BACK!!!

Who knows what goes on in the minds of the Tesla Motors.

But... Silver Metallic is back, for $1,000. :smile:

I'm hoping this means there might be Silver Metallic Model X vehicles.

My Tesla spends a pile of time in airport garages and I am a clean freak.

I bought my 70D early because Silver was going away. Glad to see it back for me and other people who like lighter color cars.

Last two cars were white or I would have possibly gotten white, but, really like my car in Silver.
The more "vibrant" the paint color, the less appeal it has to the mass market.
Please keep in mind that e person who just made that statement (meaning me) owns a "Very Orange" Roadster.

Right, it depends a lot on the car. I love the "Skittles" Roadsters, but IMHO some of those colors wouldn't make much sense on something as big as Model S.