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SiriusXM Escape Channel 69 Removed

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SiriusXM has removed the easy listening channel. Since the beginning of XM there has been one channel of "Escape" to relax and be refreshed from the other choices. If it bothers you, then now is the time to let your voices be heard. Here is the automatic reply if you send an email to [email protected]

"Yes, Sirius XM management has removed Escape from our satellite service as of Midnight on Wednesday, August 12th.

If you wish to comment, cancel your subscriptions, etc., call Listener Care at 1-800-967-2346 --- or E-mail them at [email protected] . . . or both!

Escape's programming does and will continue to be available via Sirius XM OnLine Channel 751 and the Sirius XM App.

Regarding our musical selections … unfortunately, too many of them are not available for purchase, as many of the recordings go back several years. Some were produced exclusively for radio, others were imported from Europe in the days of LP’s. Three good sources for what’s available at present, either via CD or download, are: www.ccmusic.com www.amazon.com www.justbeautifulmusic.com There’s a large group of selections that were never available for purchase but were played on radio, which has been the same for Escape. However, more than 700 of those songs by John Fox, Nick Ingman, Lex DeAzevedo, Norm Geller, Ronnie Aldrich and Simon Park can be purchased via download from the normal sources."

I will add that another enjoyable internet radio web site is http://seeburg1000.com

Of course we can use our internet phones to access the alternative music choices no longer available on satellite, however the availability of satellite transmission on cross-country road trips meant less fussing with devices or USB sticks in the car. Thank goodness for the built-in simplicity of Slacker and Tune-in for our listening enjoyment where internet is available.