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SiriusXM Flaky Then Failed

I just took delivery of a new Raven Model X two weeks ago and I'm happy to finally be part of the movement!

Question: my SXM channels have been flaky since day 1. They will randomly stop working even with clear sky and no trees and it will take a few minutes before they come back. Last night they stopped working completely. You hit the channel name and it won't highlight. I did the two thumb reset on the panel but it didn't help. Anyone else experience this? Time for service?
I have had the exact same problem on a new Raven Model X I got 2 weeks ago. Today it was really bad - ever since the 2019.32.11.1 update. It kept on resetting the XM radio to channel 0. It would be dead for a while and then start back up. At one point it completely stopped and I got spinning arrows indicating it was waiting for something. Multiple 2 scroll wheel reboots didn’t reset anything. Pulled over at a rest area and did a power down. After I got back from the restroom, it was working again. It did reset itself a few times on the rest of my 2 hour drive.

I noticed that several people have been complaining about the same thing in the Tesla forum (SiriusXM Issues | Tesla)

In addition to the constant restarts/resets, I also will get crackling audio which goes away after the scroll wheel reboot.
Hi All,

March 2018 build... After upgrading to 2019.32.11.1 - I had no sound from anything...

I rebooted 4 or 5 times with and without the brake pedal... Still nothing...

Yesterday, I chose "streaming" (instead of Sirius XM or FM) and I actually got music.
I switched back to Sirius XM, it was fine and now FM was fine too...
It was similar to Mase408 above...

All is good now.

Anyone else discover a "cure"?
The unpredictability is a daily issue for me.
This XM problem has settled down for me in that it rarely happens while driving. I'm currently running software version 2019.40.50.7.

The problem usually happens after parking the car and then getting back in within a certain time span or in the morning after it has sat for a while. The quickest solution is to manual select power off from the menu, wait a while (I usually wait until the seats go to the Entry/Exit position), open and close the door (could be just superstition), and then press the brake to start things upon again. It can take a minute after that for XM to initialize itself, but usually if it were on a station before it failed, audio would start right back up. XM favorites might take a little longer to populate.

I have rarely seen it fail now while driving, but in the rare times that has happened, I think I just didn't notice that XM was not selected before driving and then when selected while driving it was not working. In those cases, other than swearing a few times, I have pulled over and done the power down procedure and restore XM service.
I’ve had trouble for a month, works one day, not the next, stations are mixed, says I am not subscribed. I refreshed the mcu (foot on brake, thumbs depressing scroll wheels until screen goes dark). No effect.
But pulling up the streaming channels provided by Tesla and listening for a few minutes,then switching to SXM and it works normally. Will post here again if fails again. Model X. March 18