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Six Months Today: Life with a Model S at 6 Months

Discussion in 'Model S' started by ModelS1079, Jun 16, 2013.

  1. ModelS1079

    ModelS1079 Member

    Jun 23, 2012
    Suburban Boston
    #1 ModelS1079, Jun 16, 2013
    Last edited: Jun 16, 2013
    Randomly web surfing and found "Tesla" Online: 3-2009.
    Reservation: 8-2009.
    Committed reservation: 8-2012.
    Arrival: 12-16-2012. On time.

    Owners delivery stories, photos and first impressions - Page 43

    Today - Six months - 11,600 miles.
    Average wh/mile: 356.
    Last gas station: December 16, 2012. Imagine that.
    Last Oil Change: October, 2012. Yep: Jiffy's Duped.
    Total HOME FUEL BILL: $240
    Total on the road fuel bill: $30, exactly.
    Number of Superchargings: Five (CT twice Del x 3).
    Longest Road Trip: 1,400.1 miles, eight states. Fuel cost: $30.

    East Coast Model S Road-Trip: Eight States and Two Six-Strings, a Father and his Son

    Most number of Models S's driven with at one time: 12 others, 13 all together - The Teslachusetts Sunday Drive.

    Bringing back the Sunday drive - Page 8

    Most unexpected moment: Telling Henrich Fisker, face to face, I had a Model S reservation (was funnier before we felt bad for him).
    Number of test drives given: Certainly over fifty.
    First Test Drive given: At Mile 2.5. Really. Ask Ed A - he was there.
    Number of people I'd never met (aka total strangers) before the moment I offered and gave a test drive: Four. Try it - you REALLY get that Tesla Smile from them.
    Number of test drives definitively leading to a Tesla purchase: at least three.
    Number of hours spent watching Ben Goodwin Videos: more than I spent studying Gross Anatomy.

    Most Southern Charge: Berlin, Maryland.
    Most Northern Charge: Franconia, NH.
    Lowest charge car has been allowed to savor: 2 miles.
    Longest range car has achieved between charges: around 330 miles.
    Car-washes: dozens.
    Thumbs-up: eight today alone. Today! So hundreds and hundreds in 6 months.
    Oil changes: none.
    Gas stations: zilch.
    Days leaving the house without a "full tank": Nada.
    Days I worried about charging" Niente.
    First Song: Jackson Browne: "Running on Empty".
    Favorite Slacker Tune I'd Never Heard Before: Colin Hay, "Waiting For My Real Life To Begin".

    Why I would buy a Model S (really): If I am going to buy a car, let me buy one that will give me crazy acceleration, a perfectly smooth ride, will give my family the room the five of us need to travel and the safety we so very much want to arrive safely, and will give back to the universe one less-dented world.

    Why I would NOT buy a Model S: I like the smell of gas on my hands. No - wait. I like Meineke! No - I miss the rattle of my muffler and the risk of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning, and transporting hundreds of pounds of liquid gasoline in a car going 70mph, and I miss my mechanic (sorry Joe!), leaving the house and realizing I have no gas in the car, and I miss oil changes and timing belt changes and I miss the time my fan belt broke and the alternator went and I miss the brown crusting rust that a non-aluminum car offers, and the chance to have the brake pads replaced and learn the rotors are scored so deep they need to be replaced and I think I also miss the chance to buy a car that has little or typically no update-able software, is outdated before it is bought, has no guaranteed resale value, and would have cost me well-over $2,000 (minimum $1,856 in fuel, $150 in Oil Changes) to drive for 6 months instead of a documented $240, and I'd miss waiting for my gas car to warm up while my fingers freeze on a frigid winter's s morning because the Model S's heating takes seconds to turn on - if the Mobile App has not already warmed the car), and I would not buy a Model S because then I couldn't sit down with those nice dealers and wait while they "speak to their managers", and I'd miss the chance to drive behind an engine which, when I hit a tree, has to be displaced under my family's feet at 70 mph, and finally I'd miss the chance to help payback that loan we gave General Motors.
    Best Mobile App Moment: Leaving Salt Lake City and turning on the charging port in Boston so my car was warma nd charged when I landed.
    Most Important Mobile App Moment: Showing friends in Times Square the Tesla Mobile App and realizing that the frunk was open on my car, which was miles away. Oopsy.

    Fastest Speed Achieved: I'd rather not say. But Chuck Yeager would be proud.
    Favorite unexpected thing about the car: One-Pedal Driving/Regenerative Braking.
    Favorite unexpected thing about Tesla's community - The Good Folk at TMC.
    Favorite Unexpected thing about Tesla: Meeting or beating every deadline for four years.

    This has been six months of just wicked fun driving. For those of you who know what I mean - know what I mean?
    For those of you who could but don't: Your Car is Waiting to be made. Bought mine on an iPhone. Got phone? Get Car.

    (Thanks to all at TMC for making the ride even smoother. Suggest all who have not give a little donation at the Support TMC link above to support this valuable resource).
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  2. huntjo

    huntjo Member

    Aug 3, 2012
    Fort Collins, Colorado
    Couldn't say it better, sir
  3. AMPd

    AMPd Active Member

    Nov 27, 2012
    Northern California
    Well said!
  4. SCW-Greg

    SCW-Greg Active Member

    Jun 13, 2012
    Beaverton, OR
    Love it!
    The "Why I would NOT buy a Model S" is so spot on!
  5. olanmills

    olanmills Member

    Jun 20, 2012
    Nice, I'll be hitting 6 months very soon as well.
  6. ModelS1079

    ModelS1079 Member

    Jun 23, 2012
    Suburban Boston
    Good feedback. Thanks - will post some more energy specifics a little later. Heading out in Elwood now - in for 12,500 Service in about 10 days...
  7. bhuwan

    bhuwan Supporting Member

    Mar 30, 2013
    Boston, MA
    Great write up!. I'll be hitting 1 month of ownership this Thursday :).
  8. efusco

    efusco Moderator - Model S & X forums

    Mar 29, 2009
    Nixa, Missouri, United States
    Nice, I'm approaching 8 months in mine, still love it, but have become extremely comfortable with the Tesla as the new standard by which every other car should be measured. It's so easy, so quiet, so fast, handles so great and other than the fact that my windshield gets and stays much dirtier due to the lack of visits to the gas station, I don't miss a damn thing about gas cars.

    I do have a better appreciation of the utter inadequacy of 30 amp J1772 chargers, which is compounded by the pitiful lack of any sort of electric charging infrastructure in the Missouri/Arkansas my biggest complaint is that this part of the country is just not ready for widespread adoption. People here regularly drive 300-400 miles in a day or weekend and to do so, while possible, takes careful planning and a bit of luck (that the planned charger you want is available for the 12 hours it takes to charge).
  9. Cattledog

    Cattledog Active Member

    Feb 9, 2012
    San Antonio, TX
  10. EdA

    EdA Model S P-2540

    Mar 24, 2011
    Congrats! Sadly I *do* forget to charge occasionally as I sometimes wait a day until I can charge off my solar panels.
    Last week I completely forgot to charge one night and now have some computer hackery to text me if my car isn't
    charging at 9:30pm...
  11. FredTMC

    FredTMC Model S VIN #4925

    Dec 26, 2012
    Orange County CA
    +1! 8400 mi here. Looking forward to 12mi service. I want the P85+ loaner... LOL. Hopefully it's available. Maybe I'll buy it
  12. Zextraterrestrial

    Mar 11, 2010
    Humboldt/Los Altos
    +1 too!

    11200 mi after 6 months. wicked fun!!! I have been giving test rides during autocross all weekend. Must be an extra fun way to feel the car.
  13. mknox

    mknox Well-Known Member

    Aug 7, 2012
    Toronto, ON
    Noticed as I headed out this morning, my odometer was at exactly 7,000 miles (bit over 3 months).
  14. PeterK

    PeterK Model X & 3 Owner

    Jan 17, 2013
    Cambridge, MA
    Well said! I'm nearing 4000 miles and 3.5 months. Just drove my wife's minivan for the first time in a month or two. Model S needs to be experienced to understand.
  15. Babylonfive

    Babylonfive Power12

    Feb 3, 2011
    Cedar Park (Austin), Texas
    Great review!

    Four months and 6600mi. here.
  16. toto_48313

    toto_48313 CAN P #5

    Dec 14, 2012
    Montreal suburbs
    Excellent review, it's exactly 4 month today for me, and if I had to write something it will be very similar to what you did... with just 7,000 miles only.

    What I hope to achieve before 6 month of ownership, is to drive from Montreal to San Francisco back and forth using 2 differents path for each way to thanks Tesla team. This car is giving all you can expected, and even more (like some crazy ideas)
  17. nrcooled

    nrcooled P#8946 VIN 03225

    May 22, 2012
    6 months and 6300 miles so far on mine. I ride my motorcycle to work quite a bit (53k miles on my '04 CBR 600RR) so my milage isn't nearly as high as a lot of you. I still can't give up the ICE fully since I don't have any way to get my motorcycle fix in electric fashion.
  18. ModelS1079

    ModelS1079 Member

    Jun 23, 2012
    Suburban Boston
    Hopping in the car now and heading from Cape Cod to the Boston 'burbs. Appreciate and enjoyed the feedback above. It feels like I have had my Model S much longer than 6 months. Maybe it's the change from deep snow to summer breezes, but I think it is instead the complete change in lifestyle that accompanies the delivery of a Model S. Everyday is a little easier and a lot more fun. The frunk and rear well each suck up any shrapnel I am carrying (soccer balls, shopping bags, a bike pump, some gifts for a friend's kids, a set of golf clubs, an occasional guitar), so the car is always clean, open. Leaving the house with a "full tank" everyday is underrated. In fact, I leave you with this:

    The next time someone asks you if you have to charge the car at home, return kindly:
    "Of course - fill my car up all the way and leave with a full tank everyday - You have to go to a gas station? Wow, that's too bad".

    Onwards -
  19. colinb

    colinb Member

    Aug 27, 2012
    Auckland, New Zealand
    Nice. We hit 20,000km with ours this past weekend. Still as much fun as the first 5,000km.
  20. Aphysician

    Aphysician Member, Michigan Chapter

    May 3, 2013
    Metro Detroit, MI

    Very unique and entertaining review. As you put it, Model S needs to be owned and driven, to experience it fully. It shatters so many myths about EVs and so different than a conventional ICE car. I am putting this and other unique experiences on our club's Facebook page for the world to see. Hope many more switch to Tesla and EVs.

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