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Slight give in brake pedal, intermittently

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Wondering if anyone else has experienced this and or knows the cause?

At a complete stop, foot on the brake, sometimes it sort of gives, like the pedal travels further and it feels like a mild click into place. It's not hold being activated, it usually happens after hold shows up on the display. It's intermittent and seemingly random.

Not a big deal, and maybe it's normal, just curious if anyone knows what's going on?
Yup, this is totally normal, especially if you have "Creep" enabled. What you're feeling is the electric brake setting the brake when the "Hold" icon appears, showing that brake hold has been enabled. It's much easier to feel this if you're driving with creep enabled, as "Hold" isn't normally activated when driving in creep mode unless you either pump the brake, or increase the brake pressure, which will then take you out of creep mode, and into hold mode. Once you start driving forward again, you'll go back into creep mode.

If you normally drive with creep mode disabled, it's very hard to detect the change in pedal pressure when it goes into "Hold" mode. But certain braking styles will allow you to feel it fairly well.

Next time you feel it, notice that the "Hold" icon comes up at the same time.
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The brake, AFAIK is fake. It's fly by wire. So you are only feeling the artificial feedback
Not correct. It is power assisted and has electronic brake modulation (ABS is an example, but also for wheel power modulation), but even if all power is removed from the vehicle, pressing the brake pedal will manually apply the brake.

You can even feel the brake pedal move forward as the electric motor applies and holds the parking brake.

Yes, it is electronically assisted, but it is not fly-by-wire.
The only other time you'd feel pedal give other than those posted would be if you have air in the lines or a caliper problem. Sounds like you might want to have an SC look at your brakes! The click could (but not necessarily) indicate a caliper problem.
Any update on this? I’m having the same clicking issue with mine...
I never got a follow-up and I didn't follow-up either since I've been busy. The clicking went away for me after beating up the brakes and car a bit at autocross. The pedal's a bit softer now, even though I don't think I got even close to boiling fluid but who knows what could be happening...the brakes work fine just the same and definitely didn't give an issue during repeated beatings...so at least in my case I trust that it's safe but annoying.