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Smart Plates

I just saw this news article for us in CA. One of the things that really annoy me is that we have to put on these UGLY HOV stickers to access carpool lanes. I have never put mine on. Arizona does plates, but this takes it whole step further. You can have HOV access shown on the plates and they go away once your HOV access expires for your year/make/model.

The other usages like showing 'stolen' or for amber alerts is pretty cool too:

Smart license plates hitting California roads

Only problem for me...is the cost. I'm not about to spend $700 on my license plates. lol
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I second that. $700 with no monthly fees would be too much for what is basically a Kindle on its side. The monthly fees just make it worse.

Still, I look forward to the day that people figure out how to hack them over the air, and everyone's car ends up with obscene messages.
Oh gosh, you reminded me of something. A friend with a new M3 down in the SF bay area applied for custom plate "Titsla". It was not approved !!!
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