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Smoking FWD, resolved

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Nov 18, 2017
Posted a month back about a smoking FWD.

In short (no pun intended) early in the AM I set car via app to precondition. Car had already charged to 100% around midnight prior. I drive a 75D MX, build date late AUG 2017. Walked into the garage to see faint whisp of white smoke coming from the plastic cladding of the drivers side FWD. The air was also hazy with an electrical burning scent. I immediately unplugged and the smoke dissipated within minutes. Was pretty worried given the car charges below our bedrooms. Called Tesla and got the X to our not so local SC (Seattle).

Of note had some ongoing FWD issues (phantom obstacles and partial door openings) had taken to SC prior and told my specific model has a known issue with the sensor harness in the doors. It took a few weeks for the parts to get delivered.

After the evaluation due to the smoke the SC took the doors apart and ultimately found a short in the sensor harness within the plastic cladding. I was reassured that they found a source. Was also reassured that most likely the short would not have started a fire. However am still concerned that a short could happen and cause plastic to melt. I’m sure shorts can happen in any electrical system including combustion vehicles, however it was odd that it stopped when I unplugged my 14-50 mobile wall connector. The cladding and sensor harness have been replaced and I haven’t had any issues since.

Anyone else have similar issues? If you have a similar build date and have been told your sensor harness needs to be replaced, highly recommend pushing for as soon as possible. I was too relaxed in my approach. While risk is very unlikely, don’t see any benefit to leaving it to chance.
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There is a known issue with most late 2017 Model X that the sensor circuit board is not watertight and will short after water gets in the door after rain or carwash. Happened after just 3 weeks with mine and no door sensors or roof sensor were working.

Most times the sensors just stop working, but I guess in really rare cases the short could cause some heat/smoke. Although a fire is very unlikely.

They fixed my sensors. They told me the new ones are improved.