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Snippiness 2.0

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What is your problem @AnselmDante ? Any non P Tesla come with metal pedals before? Or are you just a literal fool?
Wow, you went from zero to asshole faster than a Plaid. The LR comes with aluminum pedals. You told someone who was asking about it that he can buy them and install them if he cares. All I did was click "disagree" to your comment, because he will not have to buy them. It comes with them.
No, I said they previously didn't come that way and explained what people did before. I did not know LR now come with them and I would like to hear from an LR owner who takes delivery since it isn't in my MVOA and it was listed as a line item feature in P cars before.
Well at least you didn't overreact by insulting forum members, confident of your level of knowledge. Someone doing things like that would come off as a literal fool.
The phantom braking reports I’ve seen are 100% related to TACC/AP/EAP/Autosteer/FSD modes, not the car on full manual slamming to an emergency halt for no reason.

You’re talking out of your ass and you’re too small to admit it. I get it. It’s okay. We all mature at different speeds. Your day will come.

Enjoy your model y. It’s a great car. Based on this thread I would highly recommend that you not disable the nanny systems. I think you need the help, however buggy it may be. See, I do care about your safety, as well as the safety of those in your path
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Oct 21, 2019
Syracuse, NY
What you don't realize is that I live in a small town of less than 2,000 people. Everybody knows everybody. No need for sentry mode here. Now if I were to drive to Boston, NYC, or even Seattle and park on the streets I would probably use it. I think that's called "situational awareness".
Then turn the fuc*** thing off. Don't complain that is too sensitive.
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What's so bullshit about my post mark95476? You think I'm lying?
I don't think you're lying but I think something is off with your initial reading; either it just wasn't accurate or you misread because EPA estimated range is 326 miles at 100%. 90% should be around 293 mi.

As jjrandorin said, it likely has to do with your charging regimen and what the computer sees, not with your actual battery capacity. My Y is showing 263 mi at 90%, likely because we rarely let the battery charge get very low or very high.


Sep 18, 2019
No it's not. There are many reasons why you would sell ONCE YOU HAVE A CONFIRMED VIN and delivery date. No garage and hoa that only lets you have one car in the driveway? Have another car and it costs money to park on the street? Don't want to pay insurance for both vehicles? Don't want to take a loan and get a credit hit, and would rather pay cash but don't want to sell investment vehicles? Seems pretty smart to get your affairs in order before taking delivery and it's pretty shitty of Tesla to assign a vin and then take it away unless there was something crazy like the car was destroyed, but better communication should have happened instead of finding out by your EDD changing and VIN disappearing. I bet there are very few people on this forum who will deny that pre-delivery Tesla has problems and to imagine that they don't is just being wilfully ignorant. Are you new to the internet? It's normal for someone who is mad about something to go to a forum about that something to lodge a complaint.

That said, sometimes a little empathy is in order instead of just being a dick. Though, with the position you're taking, I do find it funny that your signature has "A promise is a promise" on it.

It's not your car until you've got the title in hand. I'm not being a dick, many people buy *sugar* they can't truly afford. Needing to sell your car before you have your new car is not a wise decision. Especially when you don't have a mode of transportation now.
Porsche and Audi may disagree with you. In Tesla, going from 80% to 95% is the matter of 20 minutes or so, when in the Mach-E it is the matter of hours (HOURS). Go buy an EV for yourself and hit the road, then you'll actually see the point SO16 makes.
you really are a presumptuous twit.
sure a tesla and any other EV will go from 80 to 90% in more than 20 minutes but my taycan will go from 10 to 80% in twenty minutes, the time it takes to top the battery off is what we were discussing.
stick to your anti ford neurosis
well yes, really. I think Spsheridan said it best, but seems you did not like that reply. I'm thinking that even if other people have similar system sizing, a comparison doesn't mean anything because of other variables like roof pitch, module orientation, module temperature in heat, module shading, efficiency, and probably some other things not coming to mind at the moment. Pretty much all the things that you didn't mention for comparison. However, I hope you get the information you are looking for :)

Lemme guess, your the guy telling everyone watching a movie that things that happen arent really possible?
Again - just a curious, experience sharing thread.

Oh well, I tried - HA HA!!


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Aug 11, 2020
auburn, ca
Wow! Never seen so much hostility from an OP in any thread here. Are you having a bad day, DJVoorhees? People are just participating and trying to help, or seek clarity. No reason to jump on those for assisting or asking questions.
I am always amazed on social media to see the snowflakes just have to attack others on line. WOW, I wonder if they do the same things are parties and work. If
you do not have something to say positive. ..... :)
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