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Snow Chains Alternative -- Snow Socks

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Beta V

Author, Dad, Mentor, Technology Critic
Nov 8, 2017
Redmond, WA USA
I saw a couple of Teslas in the Discount Tire waiting lot and wondered why they were there. Apparently, they regularly service Tesla owners' tires. I asked what kind of snow chains they recommend and they said "none of the above," as the wheel-well clearances are too tight. "So I'm stuck?"
They pulled up an ad for a new kind of "tire chain" called a snow sock. I did some research and found there are several varieties of these new traction devices. These "socks" slip over the tire like a sock and can provide enough traction to get through snow and ice. I found that Amazon's price (for my 20" tires) was better than at DT, so I ordered a pair.
AUTOSOCK 698 Size-698 Tire Chain Alternative.
Has anyone tried these? They're a lot cheaper than the Trax or other traditional chain systems that seem to have so many other issues.
I agree about “chains” on the X. I have them but never have used them, finding the winter tire kit to be plenty sufficient.

I’d be more curious if these “socks” meet legal requirements as alternatives to chains.