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Snow performance

We got wacked on the east coast of Canada yesterday. MX was a dream in the snow. Passed about a zillion cars on our way to the cottage on ice snow roads. Normal drive is 1.5 h and this time took 2.5 h. Other people said 4 h. Confidence and planted feeling the whole way. Made it and charged a bit. Electricity went out. Kid fell down the stairs in dark. But all is well and trusted the MX would get us out if necessary. A Tacoma even blew a turn and slid right into the side of us. I can't even see any damage yet. Welcome winter. Here's a pic the morning after, and I had dug out the plow line so we could head to to the ski hill.

We have had our struggles with the MX: shudder, FWD, etc. But Tesla Montreal has been very good to us. What a car. So much easier to load my three kids in than my MS. All electric family.
Drove through a Sierra blizzard with over a foot of snow on unplowed roads last weekend. Zero problems at all, no slipping. 20” all season conti silent tires.
Yup, similar experience up in Tahoe CA. The loud crunching of the snow had me concerned for awhile, yet it was simply that..... loud crunching and nothing more. Same tires as you. No need for me to put on the chains, but I had them just in case.
I go to Mammoth from LA almost every week during winter. Snow is usually not the issue. Black ice is the enemy and the regular stock tires won't help with that unfortunately. You'll either need chains, snow tires or "all weather" (not all season) tires with the snow peak icon. The beauty of that last solution is that you can leave them on all year round and never need to put chains on. I use them on my Model S. I have already ordered them for the new Model Y I am about to move to. I have a set of these tires for the X that I won't need so let me know if you're interested. They're up for grabs at a steal in LA. See my other posts for pics.