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So all model S are 100D now


Hyperactive Hyperdrive
Sep 5, 2017
Incoming larger battery, or perhaps a full chassis refresh. It's been expected for a long time, and the simple update would be a 2170 battery in the S as it is now but the smarter update would be a completely new car built around a non quickswap Model 3 type module format.

My worthless guess is a March reveal at the Y event. They've eliminated a lot of S options and might be buying fewer old chassis parts, plus they're reducing S/X production now - probably to re-tool for a completely new car. It seems to all be coming together in favor of a reveal very soon.


Apr 19, 2018
like i mentioned in the X thread, honestly won't the regular give you the same performance and range at a lower cost?

same battery packs, so you can charge the low range S/X to 100% every day or the extended range to 90% every day. You will end up with the same real world range and battery degradation on each but you will have saved 8K.


Aug 1, 2013
United States
So if I understand this right, buying a software locked battery will actually provide more daily useable miles than the unlocked battery.

Since the base version is software locked I can charge to 100% (310 miles) everyday while the unlocked battery would be limited to daily charging of 90% (301.5 miles). Pricing doesn’t seem to make sense.
I think that the pricing from 310 to 335 miles which costs $8K is ludicrous! Adding 25 miles for $8K is a total ripoff. It was $9K for 41 miles with the 60 -> 75 upgrade, then it was $7K, then it was $2K.

The best way to buy it is the 310 mile version. The when the upgrade is $500 pull the trigger. But in all honesty how many people are on the edge where 335 miles meets their needs, and 310 does not. Plus since it is the 100D battery, it all super charges quickly. And you can leave the 310 mile verison set to 100% charging without issue.


Active Member
Feb 7, 2016
it looks like as predicted all Model S and X are now going to be 100D with the actual 100D being the Extended Range and the Standard range being a software locked battery.

At least every one will get faster supercharging...
Adding a software limited Model S and X at 92% of battery and at $8k lower price, this is essential a price cut to attract more demand for the car. Great news for consumer, not so great for the company.

Who is stupid enough to pay extra $8k for 8% more range? People almost never use the top 8% of the battery anyway, either charging at home or at supercharger.


Vision without execution is hallucination
Mar 19, 2014
WA State
Ok, it’s pretty obvious now: Tesla has scaled up production and is producing more batteries than people are buying cars for. A while back motors were the limiting part (rear wheel drive M3 only available initially). Perhaps they need to pump out some power walls and utility batteries. They are scaling up as fast as possible, and battery production must be ahead of engineering. I think we’ll see the refreshed MS125 with 21700 batteries or the Model Y and/or Semi very soon. I don’t think that they want to open up the lower cost SR M3 just yet. To improve financials, they’re probably pushing lessons learned from the M3 into a new MS and soon afterwards the MY.


Active Member
May 22, 2018
really weird pricing, seems unlikely that someone will pay $8000 more for 25 miles of range. im guessing 120 pack or something will be out soon.

With the Model 3 range figures, it makes sense for the flagship Model S 100D to be the base standard range model with a great capacity model to be announced soon. The 100 pack has been offered for almost 2.5 years now so it is time for a range update.


Well-Known Member
Mar 10, 2016
The Specs still say "HEPA air filtration system" but I see no mention of Bio-Weapon Defense Mode on the web site. Not sure where it was before, though...so, the feature may still be there but not listed on the web pages.

Having just introduced a retrofit for older cars, I can't imagine it went away. They've just been backing off the whole "bioweapon" marketing nonsense lately.


Well-Known Member
Mar 10, 2016
This whole change is weird. The 75 was a great price point, and good range. Killing that and then doing this nonsensical $8K for 25 miles range is just stupid. I always thought Tesla's "Product Managers" (if they had any) were marginal, this takes it to a new level.

My speculation:

The 75 is a bit of a turd of a battery. I say this as an owner. The range isn't stellar. It's slow to supercharge (maxes out at ~100kw). It needed to go before Supercharger v3 is a thing. End of story.

$8k for 25 miles is indeed stupid, but stupid people do all sorts of stupid things with their money. Tesla knows this. This whole thing is a stopgap until a new battery or larger refresh is done. Once that happens and they're no longer selling this configuration new at an $8k premium, they'll lower the OTA upgrade price to ~$2k and get a ton of takers after the fact. Just like they did with the 60 -> 75 (including me).

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