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so cool to have my fist motor car-Model S

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I have post this thread in the top car forum in China,my article for Tesla is very popular in China. so i think i should translate it and share some here, hope people like it can see it! I also want to know what kind thread can be posted, to the administrater of this forum.

Placed the order 2014 Feb, after 6 months waiting, i finally get the call from Tesla. On 22nd of Auguest, i rushed to the shop to get my Tesla. It’s very easy the whole process, just give out my ID card, make a signature, log in with Tesla ID, make a confirmation. Use cell phone download tesla APP, then finished all process in half an hour, and get the car key finally. Cool!
Tesla car key surface is so smooth, so i buy a car key bag from a website, it suggest by a car owner friends, the material is eco-friendly silicone. See, is it cute?
When start the car, it’s so stable, very quiet, no any shake, the cool accelerate feeling, i trust it’s the best.
I always worried about the car speakers before i get the car, but finally i find the speaker is cool, no any worries, same feeling as my old BMW7. But the system connected with Apple phone is more smoothly, constant speed cruise so easy, the tail compartments so big, the mirror field of version so wide. It is perfect my tesla.
Even Though i have to say some of it’s disadvantages:
1.The seat cushion is so hard, not like other luxury car.
2. Front lid is too thin, easily deform when press
3. Lack of storage box, many Tesla owners in China complain why there is no storage box? So i bought new accessories, if you also have interests, i can share the website. Very good looking and useful center storage box.
4.The biggest trouble is when you off the car, find the window is open, it can not be closed by remote, you need to go back the car, close it by hand. If use APP to close will be too slow to connect the web, but the Tesla official told will solve this problem in the future.
5.The most important is the battery mileage, now it is 400KM, image if it will goes to 800KM, then will cool to death. Luckily genius Chinese Tesla owner set up power charge platform, such as Neo designed Evclud power charge app, Use this you will find the tesla friends around you and get charged freely, thank so much to the Mr. all-powerful Neo.
If you fell this article is considerate, then forward it to your friends, wechat group and QQ group, because 99%of them don’t know tesla.
Thanks so much for their help: thanks to S jia , NX feng, LuoHC, X yu, Y sister, Y lang, dongguan X guo ect.
Interesting, your complaints are some I've seen before, like the flimsy front lid.

I lack a comparison with other cars in the seat area.

You have a good storage box that fits into the tesla? Is that available somewhere?

Its nice to see tesla gaining ground in China as well :)
Congratulations! Of course we would like to see a photo of your new baby.

I can't imagine getting a Model S for my first car. You have been officially "spoiled for life." :smile: