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So how long does it take?

I've read a few horror stories about delivery delays for used vehicles purchased through Tesla, but there doesn't seem to be much data on average delivery times, assuming no SNAFUs.

I put a deposit down for a 2015 P85DL on Monday morning. The car was scheduled to be delivered in Chicago today, and my advisor said to call him today to schedule the delivery (I'm flying out to pick it up). I called (mailbox full) and emailed today with no response. I'm no longer holding my breath for a delivery this Saturday. What are the chances it'll be ready by the following Saturday?
Some more data. I put the car in for VA registration when I picked it up on 10/12. I received my VA license plate on 10/29. It shipped out on 10/25 from my local SC, about 30 minutes from my house. Thanks to Fedex it went to Memphis first and then came back to me. I wouldn't say this is a fault of Tesla, but it still took longer than I thought to receive a license plate.

In determining when I would receive my plate, I asked about when I would receive my title as I purchased the car outright. They said 5-6 weeks. I thought that was crazy and also interesting that they did not have the title with the car in Chicago. This is still not really a big deal in the grand scheme of things as I am not attempting to flip/sell the car, but it's yet another wrinkle in the buying experience.