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So, what do we have here then? FSD in Europe?

Just spotted on TeslaFi TeslaFi.com Tesla Model S 3 X Y Data Logger

Whilst other Eurooean vehicles are having a new map rollout, the Budapest S90 at the top is having an old European map pushed.

But it’s not the map version that is interesting. It’s the version of software that the car is running. It’s a FSD beta version -

European map on a FSD beta car. Unlikely to be someone having a laugh and entering wrong region for their car.

Rogue data? Or signs of FSD beta in Europe? Or something else?

Probably an official test car.. there are different rules for those (Nissan were testing hands-off self driving years ago for example, although nothing seemed to come of it).

Such vehicles *really* shouldn't be using teslafi though, they'll be under NDA.
Some Tesla employed test driver that found it was easier to submit records of their drives by looking them up in TeslaFi.

We've seen them recruiting test drivers about 6 months ago all across Europe including the UK.
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Could be one of a number of things. The map on that car being so old does seem unusual if its a staff test car. It’s also a MS90D which were mainly AP1, a few HW2, and MCU1 (although they could upgrade), but you get the picture, testing on a 5-6 year old car?

I also can’t remember exactly when but I do recall some AP features required a map update before becoming available on our cars.

But we have heard there’s the odd car test car out there with employees.